Indian Femdom

One sole, 5 toes . . .

Nothing quite dominates like the one, my friend.

Imperious Mistress Jyoti plonking a foot down in her slave’s lap because she knows she’s the boss, and deserves it…

Princess Joanie giving her cucks that ONE middle finger, and showing them that ONE sole …

One sole, five toes . . .

And as of late, I’ve been seeing more and more of “one foot”.

And in a flash, the “why” came to me.

My life number adds up to 1, and my “attitude” number is 5.

One of sheer dominance, and even the ladies that cucked and sissified me KNOW this!

Yes, I’ve been on both sides of the coin, and now I’m back to my dominant self – for now, cuck!

And this is a short one, but ONE is the number of leadership.

In the field of femdom and indeed many others I won’t mention here, there are few, if any, people as successful as I am in many regards.

And thats why I’m qualified to bring everything that I do to YOU, cuck.

I truly am the best of th ebest when it comes to femdom, maledom and all SSC fetish!

And that ain’t no exaggeration.

LEarn from the Master, and his Mistresses, my friend.

There is NO better way.



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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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