Indian Femdom

Why every SISSY should MASTER the Asian squat

Because, quite literally …


Like nothing else DOES, boy.

I’ve spoken galore about the Asian squat on the Miss V owned fitness site, and for good reason.

It is a position Mistress Priyanka taught me – and ALL The other Asian girls I’ve been with have just drilled deeper and deeper into my head.

It’s one of the most submissive, and HELPLESS positions ever, and one most fit people – so called fit people – cannot get into. Cannot even begin to!

And it leaves the BOLLOCKS dangling so nicely!


GARIMA MADAM, JI! Paye lagu!

And it just … I dont know, it’s a servile and submissive position servants in India and China are “expected” to use, and be humiliated as part of their daily lives, so I got good at it – real goo d- while serving INDIAN women and CHINESE WOMEN!

And other downtrodden women, and even the SUPERIOR WHITE ONES. 

All of ’em!

They’re all superior!

And without further ado, sissies.

Ever wonder why women love cowgirl so much?

Because it hits the spot.

And that, my friend is what that position will do for a SISSY. 

It hits the P spot like nothing else can .

And it’s one key to stimulate that P spot and achieve anything you want, literally anything, beyond your wildest dreams – and sissygasms galore – which I use all the time.




PS – Short one I know, but lik eyour cock, hehe, it’s worth it.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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