Indian Femdom

That spit in your MOUTH …


It’s not the consensual kind either as in Owned by Madam Aa Ling – my, I’ll never forget that first smooch she gave me, much like I’ll never forget Amanda *Eva*’s voice narrating it. Including her “AA” ling pronunication which upon prompting she later corrected, hehe. Imperfectly perfect is life itself, so am i, and this! So NICE!

But its so erotic.  (her voice as well – haha). (literally IRON in a uber smooth VELVET glove, her results show too!)

Bhagwati Devi does this all the time, now granted, it took her a long time to get used to it given the social classes, moores in India, but these days as she confidently shows up (maid??) – perches herself not just on the couch, but the RECLINER, those lovely SOLES – not as cracked now, but they get that way in other houses! – staring at me.

As she gets more and more arrogant, she often does a certain SO of mine angrily did in fights which I never fought.

She’d SPIT directly at me, believe it or not!

While so intensely humiliating in a non fetish sense, in a fetish sense, of course, this is nothing new to me – Madam Alexa anyone?

And often times, Bhagwati Ma’am, that lovely older lady I wrote SO MANY ODES TO – will command me to open my mouth, I do, she spits straight in it, either slowly or quick, sometimes just at my face in general …


When I put her soles, dirt, grime on my face mixed with my saliva – and hers.


Theres so many ways to humiliate, and do it right …

And what I mentioned above is just the pointy, pun intended, tip of the iceberg.

Get Humiliation Central for more. (the book that along with the Sissy Reader was literally HOT – TOO HOT for Amazon, got the entire account banned, so you can well imagine the content in it. Hehe. Some puranatical idiot somewhere got pissed off, loved it, yet couldn’t admit it to himself or herself! Haha).

And that that (and leave a review, folks, so many of you love the products but aren’t reviewing – do so now, extra 10% off your next purchase guaranteed!!).

Review links in ALL download emails you get post purchase …

And thats that- back soon.



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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