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Am I Indian?

On the PLM list, a person piped up today. (well, I think yesterday …)

It was in response to the email about “Granny Pajamas vs sexy nightdresses“, how I mentioned my bitchy lovely oh so sexy S.O., and so forth …

“r u indian” came the email. 

Well …

I’m not inclined to reply to idiotic emails like that, but I might well be Indian, yes, given how well I know the culture, given how many women I know from there, and given I’ve done things most Indians wouldn’t do in India in several lifetimes!

Then, the chant begins.

“You’re more Chinese than Chinese!” 

That I am, my friend. That I am!

Again, same reason.

“Are you American?” 

Again, same answer, same reasons.

“Are you Arabic? Are You Spanish”, and so on and so forth. 

What I am this my friend.

A chameleon, and a “rainbow pimp” as a friend told me when I was 19 I believe. Hehe.

With long hair at that.

“You got the hair!”

(Long hair on men is something most Indian women do NOT like, by the way – yet more proof in terms of the RESULTS my books can bring YOU).

But anyway, I dont know why, the letter “V” is sticking in my mind as I write this, like the blobs of cum that spat at me so often from Miss Vs lover’s cock.

Y’all (the readers) probably know that she did NOT want men at the time I wrote the book, but later on was a different story.

It will be mentioned in an upcoming book on her, or in Madam Carrie – Volume #4 – so shake out of your INERTIA and let me know ifyou’re interested!

Yes, it will cost money.

So if you’re not willing to spend a dime,might as well stay silent.

But A Chinese girl Daniela back in the day … “V likes you!”

She was referring to an office girl who had a crush on me (couldn’t keep her eyes away from me) as “Valentine” therefore V.

Then, V for VIXEN! 

And, X for Miss V’s actual name, and the X shape for my back. Hehe. 

V, X, and more … I’ve served ladies of all hues, colors, and walks of life, and continue to do so.

Ditto for cocks. A dazzling array of cocks too, cucks!

And femdom wise, learn more about my adventures HERE.


Mike Watson

PS – Membership to the Watson faithful HERE.

(And please, for the idiots and morons out there thinking money, money, money – do me and yourself a favor and say “Bye Bye” much like the magnet of ole Ben you’ve got winking at you is saying to YOU.

I mean really, fella. This is value UNPARALLELED and unseen anywhere in the femdom Universe, so if you’re thinking $$ on this, you’re a giant fool and then some).

(Then again, those of you into humiliation get turned on by me calling you that eh.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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