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Yet MORE reasons Radha Ma’am’s soles – and she- are so special!

Women all have an innate dominance, yes!

And I’ll always remember the snide comment my lovely SO made about the lovely Priyanka Chopra – I dare not say who is lovelier, hehe – when she showed up in SHORTS in a movie.

“Wo to kisi bhi ladki to shorts pehna do to … “

“Koi hur thodi hai!”

(Any girl will look sexy in shorts, she’s no FAIRY!)

(said with the true disdain women have for other sexy women, hehe – when they know men, their men are  LOOKING! ;))

Or, the comment a certain Indian lady made about another Indian movie star “Ananya Pandey” who is all the rage these days (which I am not sure why, she’s no less or more gorgeous than any of the rest out there – marketing??) … “she’s skinnier than most, but what else”.

Well, I can understand the emotion behind the words, but to me – its different!

Not every girl DOES do that – which is key.

For example, Radha Ma’am’s soles, nothing special you might say, just another Indian lady’s calloused, dusty dirty Soles caked with the grime, and other dirt of India – it even looks special, that grime on her soles!

But it’s NOT!

The WAY IN which she posted them, the WORDS, the MANNER, the VIBE behind the words – ALL of which we keep telling our narrators for the audible books to project – THAT matters!

It’s also why I keep saying its never about looks, age or anything – or body type – the VIBE MATTERS!

Radha Ma’am’s soles, and by extension anything she does, wears, even normal nailpolish on her DUSKY skin – all of it never fails to inspire, never ceases to amaze – she is a GODDESS ON EARTH INCARNATE !

Some might wonder how …

Some might wonder how a sole shot can drive a sub into levels of SUBMISSIVENESS NEVER SEEN or felt before – in less than a second or nanosecond, how you could literally worship that sole for CENTURIES!

But true subs KNOW what I BE talking about – that level of devotion!

And due to the holy pious nature of Radha Ma’am, who is truly Lord Krishna’s consort set “foot” on earth, I’m not even making the pre-order for odes to her PUBLIC. 

Its private, and shall remain so for a long time – so if YOU, the reader want to get your hands on a copy of this book at the pre-order price – for a truly holy and pious diety that she IS – and always was, will be – then contact me personally and we’ll go from there. 

And thats that, oh, on a side note, Rachna Ma’am asked me if I wanted leftover sandwiches. (which is what servants get anyway in India – leftovers! Hehe).

I asked if it was peanut butter or any of the things I dont eat, she replied in the negative “chicken spread” or something.

I’ll eat it, hehe, I said. As if I have a choice! 😉

But she asked WHY I dont want peanut butter jelly!

“Peeche jam ho jata hai kya!” (does your butthole get JAMMED, boy!) she mocked. 

Hehehehe – so apt, given I’ve been thinking nothing but butt plugs all weekend long!

And on that note, I’ll leave you be, I’m off to look at Radha Ma’ams soles again, I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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