Indian Femdom

The older dhoban. . .

I wrote about this earlier on YouTube when the sites were down.

This lady of many Indian ladies of course! Truly a Goddess, the way she walks, head thrown back, feet forward – my!

Her younger daughter is no less of a Queen. No wonder my SO doesn’t like either of them. Hehe.

I hadn’t seen her in a while. But just the thought of her staring, that LOOK, the vibe – makes me cum in my pants. Right now I can FEEL her thinking of me, that haughty look!

I was smoking a cigarette out there.

And there she was!

Confidently, she walked up to me. Found an excuse to chat like a man would.


And since then I’ve been thinking of her, her feet …

“Seva kar meri! Sab milega! Mere per dabata reh. Zindagi jannat ho jayegi !”

Keep serving me. The more you serve me, the more your life will improve, become heaven. Just keep pressing my feet, boy – all this said while ste lies arrogantly, dominantly on the bed and I press her legs, feet, bring her tea – whatever she wants.

Chal hat!

If Madam is in a bad mood…and she often is. So fortunate for that!

I stepped out today to accomplish something simple.


Just didn’t happen.

Smoked a cigarette.

Came back home.

Thought of her.

And the words above, her haughty arrogant old yet always young face, that SEARING hot vibe – floated to me.

I pressed and touched her feet mentally.

Cloud nine.

Even without her being there.

Walked out again.

Saw a bunch of other dominant Indian maids walking past that I’ve written about before and you know, as I’ve said so many times before, no such beast as coincidence!

And sure enough – the task got done this time.

Lesson relearnt.

This one…

Do it mentally if she’s not there. Or he. Gender isn’t that important as any true “sevak” (servant) knows. The vibe is. Serving is. That broad sole is!

Serve with an open heart.

You shall truly get all you desire and more. It’s an universal law that holds true today – was true yesterday – will always be true.

And thank her – or him – for it. They’re so nice!x

Paye lagu, Memsahib..ji!

You’re truly the best!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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