Indian Femdom

Lath Mar ke Bhaga Dungi!

She’ll kick you away, boy!

With one slap from the sole of her lovely Goddess like feet!

Paye Lagu, Malkin! Ms Priyanka, you were truly the best – you did it so often!

And she was. She was the first, and probably one of the best still, and that is saying a lot.

But I’m saying it while wearing a bollock guard, as I dont want any other women to smack me one in the nuts for saying Ms Priyanka is better.

I dont want her reading this and doing it anyway, hehe.

You know how it is.

The “mirror” might tell her who the most beautiful is. Studs can. For sure. But sissies and cucks – no!

And we love it that way.

And we shouldn’t!

But anyway, the cover of Serving an Indian Goddess Part One features Madam Ji in one of those positions I so often talk about – a profound position, of which there are 17 MOST profound

And … this one?

Oh my!

For one, the picture shows NOTHING but feet.

NOTHING above the ankle, because she’s wearing tight clothing.

Not for you, cuck! You see her soles! Her feet!


You better k now it too, boy.

And just why is this so profound?

Well, it’s perfect for her to kick you away, as Ms Priyanka did so often.

Sure, no access to bollocks while she’s lazing in that position, but she CAN kick you over “base over” if you get my drift very easily from the Asian servant squat position and others in that position!

She CAN kick your ass!

She can rest and relax – while you press her SOLE, and also her SHINS at the same time!

Most women need their shins and soles and arches – all of it pressed, boy!

You have no idea of the trials and tribulations of women wearing high heels, sissy!

(and thats why all sissies should be good at it)

And being forced to suck cock of course.

But really, that positon shows the foot and sole in such a profound, relaxed yet pensive position, and the BALLS of the feet scream for worship.

Anyway, if you haven’t picked up the Serving an Indian Goddess series as yet, do so now – it’s the best ever.

And as for the tome I could write on profound positions, I already have – here.

Maybe I’ll do more later!!!!

For now, have fun with the above.

And let me know how it went!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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