Indian Femdom

Why I love being abused in HINDI

Yes sir it does – it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

I should say Ma’am, hehe.

But I’ve written galore about two things.

One, the lovely Indian girl who got up cowgirl on her Indian man’s sexy cock (that was quite a sexy lovely cock!!!) and her soles were visible, and all I wanted to do was kiss her ass, lick her soles, lick the balls, and up to her ass, and more, and serve them both …

… it’s on the other site. You will know what I mean if you do a bit of a search!

I’ve also written tomes about why being abused in her language, and why worshipping her in HER own language, especially if thats an Asian language foreign to you (they’re just different, are Asian languages) is so much more sexier!

The Indian Goddess series will explain it best – better than any other, but a lot of my Chinese femdom books will too.

Anyway, in that same video series, the next one is about the guy badgering the girl for sex when she’s sowing, doing housework or what not.

Sin of sins!

And he asks for ANAL NO LESS!

Sin of all sins x 1000 – cardinal!!

HE wasn’t licking her.

“Neech to geeli nahi hai! Tune chat i hi nahi!

The video isn’t femdom.

But she used that same tone of voice with him telling him he didnt lick down there!

He was trying to lube her up, and did a fine job I thought.

But she was having NONE Of it.

No way, boy!

Nahin Karungi!  – I won’t do it!

Gand mar dungi teri! 

(this last one was so sexy – it means I’ll bust your balls!

(if you dare to do anal, hehe). 

“YOU have a broom shoved up your ass first!” 

(My ex)


Anyway, the poor chap managed to cajole her … get his dong in a litte.

Minute he did this?

Oh my!

She pulled out.

ANd the abuse she spewed – even Pooja Memsahib, that USER AND ABUSER of men au extraordinnaire would be stunned!


“Haram Khor!” 


“Bhosuri ke!” 

All the choicest and vilest of abuses that men normally use.

(and said in a moany, bitchy voice as if “how dare you, boy!”)

(Indeed – how dare he!!)

So why not women!

Why should boys have all the fun, boy! Anything men can do , women can better!

And she was right.

Her asshole is pristine, and meant to be licked!

But anyway, being abused like this when she really means it – so humiliating!


I still remember Princess Joanie taunting me EACH TIME I bought her something!

She’s on the cover of Humiliation CEntral for a reason, a damn good reason.

But the words, my friend, and the vibe!

Take those two away, you got nothing.

put them together – you’ve got everything.

As a friend famously once said.

“Its not what you say, its HOW you say it!” 

So true, Rueben!

Yes, him of the lovely cock I wrote about!

And I’m out – back soon!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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