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Granny Pajamas, vs SEXY nightdresses

I just saw her.

It’s around noon in this neck of the woods.

Madam woke up, took a dump and … ah, but we spoke about that before!

Then of course, she was BACK in bed with her computer – watching those Korean soap operas on one, and some song on the dumb phone.

And of course, with the granny pajamas on that I wrote about in the last post.

To most men, indeed, a friend of mine once had this to say about his wife who wore something like that in bed (and wouldn’t get naked with him) …

“How unsexy is THAT!” 

And yet, my bitchy SO ? 

It’s so sexy, those granny pajamas!

I think I mentioned before about her wearing sexy short nightdresses when we first started dating?

That didnt make her suck my dick, of course.

She never does that, never has, never will, and makes no bones about it.

Like Princess Sophia says, except my SO says it over and over again as I tongue her asshole.

(Remember, repetition of the same chant, the same incantation, the same affirmation leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen!

  • The Great Claude Bristol in the Magic of Believing!) 

YOUR COCK? Just why the hell would I suck YOUR COCK!

Eww! I am going to get pleasured, not YOU! Your cock is useless, so ar eyou!

(emphasis on the “I” and “YOUR COCK”) (And yes, it’s said repetitively as I tongue her asshole in a FRENZY OF LUST!!)

But anyway …

She’s dropped even THAT pretense now.

Why should women be sexy for YOU, boy!

And as she just grows bitchier by the day, I gotta say this.

Which would I take?

BOTH make me lust – but I’d take the granny pajama and why?

Because I know ultimately that ass will be revealed for me to worship, and int he meantime, all I see?

Is feet and soles!

And thats all, boy!

I massage her THROUGH her clothes.

But even if she wore the sexy nightdress, I’d do the same!

So it’s a tough choice, but cucks always choose granny’s FEET – and granny nightdresses!


As I did so often with Madam Aa Ling’s Mother

And my SO?

“Madam, please don’t overload the washing machine any more!” 

She’s dumped so much in there that you’d think an army’s clothes were there instead of one bitchy woman.

“It needs to be done twice today, boy!” 

(all I wanted to request her was leave some tiny space for MY clothes, hehe. Doubt she will!).

And on that note, I’m out.

Back soon!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI!



PS – There is housework to be done, loads of dishes to be washed, cooking to be done, and my SO does NONE of it. A true bitch par excellence that lies around with feet up on the sofa, and expects it DONE for her!


(But when it comes time for makeup etc, and meeting other men – she’s on it in a jiffy. And sucking other real men’s cocks).

(Yes, I’m with what most would consider a slut, but I consider it an honor. Women should have as many men as they choose – men do it – why not WOMEN! Much like with Madam Su, I’m glad for the opportunity to be cucked to her while she has her FUN!)

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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