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Does Madam Look better when smiling or serious?

Serious and dominant!

Or, sneering!

That look in the eyes!

But really, a lady – who would probably fit the MILF definition – I’ve been seeing her posts as of late on a social media network – decidely NOT fetish related, and I LOVE THEM!

It’s not a fetish network, neither adult, or I’d write it right there, but she knows it.

Right from the minute that vibe hit me, Madam’s posts have been showing up. She’s an older lady, mother of three.

She’s a business owner.

She’s a QUEEN, right down to her unmanicured hands, rough from working and her vacation pictures!

A guy just asked her this …

(I’m paraphrasing from memory).

“Question for you. And please know I’m coming from a place of caring and curiosity. Why, in most of your pictures, are you not smiling? I bet you have a great smile to share with the world ?”

(I ended up quoting!)

This was th eOP – =

There is power in choice.

There is power in accountability.

There is power in trusting the process.

There is power in understanding who the fuck you are.

Go forth and conquer ?

And she’s right. Spot on!

I thought of replying.

Then didnt.

Then couldn’t resist.

Then I finally did.

All I said was “actually, yes, you look better that way!!”


She does!

And no more.

But I gotta say, ladies, when they’re strict – commanding – domineering – sneering – they make me WEAK!

Or when they ignore me, as a certain Madam Echo is.

She thought I was “an important business person” with a meeting with the EU apparently, called me five times…

… Once she figured out she had the wrong person (I gotta say, I played along for a while!) – it’s back to ignore!

And I’m leaking looking at her GODDESS like picture!

But I did say MAdam, I should be pressing your head after all the headache I gave you. 

I didnt really.

But I had to say it, because she, like all women, is a royal Queen!

And thats that for now. BAck soon!

Best ,

Mike Watson

PS – Write back and tell me YORU PREFERENCES!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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