Indian Femdom

Her fat sexy dangling soles, and as a Dominant, the million dollar question I’m often asked.

A submissive for many years, the switch finally comes full circle to full blown dominance.

It was always there, as the sculptor famously, or more accurately, Colonel Trautman in Rambo III (see Serving an Indian Goddess) said. We – in my case me – just chipped away the rough edges.

As Paula said here

Do I still like feet?


These questions come into my mind every time I walk past the young dhoban –  her fair FAT soles dangling.

How can dominants like feet?

Well, the answer.

Noone is either this or that sexually. I’ve said this in A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China – the stories of getting blowjobs etc as a rank sub blows everyone’s mind, no pun.

Do I still like ruined organs, nipple flicks!

Of course!

Difference now is, it’s tinged with out and out dominance.

Which was always there.

You have to be in the other persons shoes before you can truly be successful at ANYTHING. Most truly successful Doms that subs can never forget were once far more submissive than the subs themselves. And the kicker? Still are!

Yes, I still say Paye lagu!

Yes, Master still worships women.

Difference now, I’ll take it a step further and switch from submissive to dominant giving both of us the best of both worlds which everyone including YOU wants. Craves.

Yes, Id drop down right now and press her feet as she lies there on her stomach on the phone, jean clad soles visible, her relative sleeping, her darker longer sexier, though it’s hard no pun to decide – soles visible.

And they know it.

Mike loves women. He always has, will.


And that’s the answer to the million dollar question. Yes.

Paye lagu, Malkin..ji!

You’re so nice x.


Mike Watson

PS – What I mentioned above? One of those profound poses that turns us ALL on so!!!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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