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Indian maid, PROFOUND pose!!


One of the things I love about YOU, Bhagwati – i told her this too, is that you don’t sit around gossiping like all the other Indian maids I’ve seen do in the park.

That gossip is sexy of course – and so are these lovely lady’s foot poses!

One of them was so profound – two soles under the park bench. Broad, well maintained. She was a maid, but so well made up she might as well be a Madam as so many of them are these days!

Even sexier to hear them refer to their employers by derogatory terms they’d never use in front of them. Hehe.

I get it. Hard work, scant respect – Bhagwati is different though in my eyes. Always busy, always working. Never gossiping. But she’s also as my SO once said the “FBI” – hehe. She keeps track of it all expertly – knows everything about whats going on!

But that profound pose I saw, my, it will stay with me for years. Much like the Chinese scrunched soles I saw in 2019 will.


That ONE fleeting glimpse is all it takes to SEAR the image into your subconscious. I can almost hear the other ladies bitch about her employers while I press lady ones feet, one foot on my shoulder!

Bhagwati, my love.

I love you.

And I always will.

Odes to her, and other lovely ladies here.

As romantic as ever from a sexual standpoint – the perfect mixture. Pick up some now, and feel the magic between Bhagwati and me. And manifest some of that in our own life!

Paye lagu, Bhagwati madam…ji!

I’d go to the ends of the Earth for you and do.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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