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Shivika ma’am, paye lagu, Memsahib… ji!

Walking out there today, all I could think of was? The lovely Bhagwati! I haven’t seen her in a while and miss her – so does she. She has shown up in my dreams three times already, as if you reading this needed more proof of that.

Now, I’ve spoken of the lovely younger dhoban before. Coal black big soles, usually dirty – and as of late, the toes painted RED.

Extremely shy around me, but I keep noticing her staring at me when I’m not looking, or so she thinks. Hehe. Can just hear other Indians saying “line de rahi hai” (she’s hitting on you).

I was talking to her mother today – long conversation. I learned her name was that – so I think, at least. There’s another daughter.

Anyway, as this young girl of 19 slept exhausted in the heat of India, my. Those soles on full view. One foot dangling lazily, the bright red nailpolish so visible!

It’s interesting, I spoke about my mostly dominant self these days on the other site. Back in the day, this girl would inspire another book, so magnificently RAW and dirty are her soles, I’ve written about that before, but the urge to invite her back to my cool house, call her “Memsahib” and press her feet while she relaxes was almost too much.

Ache se daba na! (Press properly!) I can almost hear the dominating mother giggling.

I talk to her a lot, maybe the younger one is just too nervous around me. I’ll get around that, but you know what my thoughts were?

Can she ever replace the lovely Bhagwati?

Probably not.

Definitely not!

Vibe, vibe, vibe and the MIND. Not saying the young girl doesn’t have it, but older women have a vibe unto their own. And Bhagwatis vibe transcends all.

And her lying there comfortably as I mention in the odes to her came to mind, the lovely petite feet, the anklets, the terribly cracked soles. My!

Ill love her forever…

Truly my Queen as others have said to.

And that’s that!

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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