Indian Femdom

I woke up thinking about Princess Joanie’s FOOT, that ROYAL foot, that STAMP of authority …

Ma’am, you’re so nice!

On the cover of Humiliation Central, perhaps, along with Princess Joanie, the most APT of my books … (for her)

(Speaking of which, another young Queen the other day sent me these pictures – a DRESS, SHOES, and a picture of a PRincess!

She knows NOTHING about Princess Joanie, hehe. She’s a young Princess herself! But she sent me those, little did I know what I’d wake up to this morning!)

…. but anyway, perhaps the most apt of my books – and you’ll see that ONE foot, the toes splayed out, in “stubby” style (like mine! Remember how Carol once giggled about “your foot just like girls!) … and toes painted RED, Madam’s long, and not so slim legs as she enjoyed herself at the beach on vacation!

All her cronies that humiliated me SO publicly in Guangzhou in China – all there!

And I was remembering, I dont know, that one FOOT!

And how SERVILE AND SUBMISSIVE IT MADE ME – though to be honest, as I mention in the book, just the LOOKin the eyes was enough, I Knew, she knew too!

You’ll read ALL about how a simple picture hooked me – booked me – beyond any sort of comprehensible limit!

But that foot, later when I Saw it… I just started blabbering!

Ma’am, you have the most beautiful feet in Southern CHina!

Ma’am, your a superior woman, your place is ALWAYS above me!

Ma’am, our conversation should be for YOUR BENEFIT, you spend your royal, precious time talking to someone like me!

And more …

Of course, I asked her for pictures of her feet too!

She never sent them – until later. Hehe. What she posted on WeChat though was more than enough!



That ONE foot stamping – STOMPING – down on me, the FINAL SEAL OF AUTHORITY, BOY! SO NICE!

And I woke up thinking about washing her feet, drinking the water,something I did so often for her, along with a far more painful (physically) something she made me do on the beach – you will see in the Epilogue to the book!

Truly a QUEEN!

But that one foot, that STAMP OF FEMALE AUTHORITY!

Or, authority in general!

“Are all you foreigners so formal!” She once asked me 

I didnt understand so I requested her to explain!

“I mean, you’re polite!”

She meant I was groveling. Hehe. And putting her on a PEDESTAL, but guess what, Ma’am belongs there!

I also thought of Princess Sophia this morning, the slight tinge of jealousy I felt when she was with other men.

“Ma’am, you’re always so polite to other men, me, the opposite, why!”

She’d giggle, and wouldn’t answer, one day she said it.


So true! 

“You allow me to, boy!” 

THAT Is the key!

ALLOW your male self to approach her submissively – for her to assume her NATURAL PLACE!

It’ll happen whether you allow it or not.

So YOU, friend, and your mind is key – open thy mind!

And all jealousy would FLY out of the window when she shoved her dirty laundry – or dishes at me later, returning to “normal dominance”.

Go and wash, boy!

MAdam is so NICE!

“Madam, you can use for the sissy tasks, since we both know I can’t stay hard in bed, I can never touch you or have sex with you anyway!” 

“Madam (I told Su this, she knew from the get go, of course, as you have read about so many times in Cuckold Compilations and the day one “disclaimer” “if you can’t satisfy me, I’ll have other men!” – she meant she would, and I wouldnt have any other girls Hehe, so NICE!) … my role is not to satisfy you in bed, I can’t anyway!” 

And that sums it up.

I’m a cuckold and ATM for them.

I love it so!

So it should be!


Mike Watson

PS – No orgasms for me this morning either, I just wanted Joanie’s foot, perhaps not even the sole, which for me is saying a LOT! A hell of a lot, hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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