Indian Femdom

Hema Ma’am, Sophia Ma’am, and more!

I saw a gorgeous lady right now …. Madam, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That urge to just DROP DOWN NO MATTER WHAT AND WORSHIP, kiss each lovely toe – in sandals, painted bright red, so were the fingernails, Ma’am was wearing a mask, and she had a BIG ass, so clearly, MA’am KNOWS it’s about the mind … and .. .

I could feel her sort of curiously looking at me.

Not a good look, not bad, not in between … just “who is this guy”.

I didn’t talk to her, since I was doing business with another guy at the time, the guy was looking at her, which is what caused ME To look back, and then check her out!

How dare I check Ma’am out, hehe.

She didn’t slap me though!

Maybe because my sissy stare went to her FEET first, not face!

Hehe. The face was masked, but thats sissy rule numero uno, or one of them, or a cardinal femdom affirmation.

“Talk to my soles, boy, not ME!”

(Be sure and check out the very grovelly odes to the lady who taught me what I already know – . Susan Ma’am, PAYE LAGU, you’re truly So NICE, those SMALL SOLES, Ma’am, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at her feet, or if you don’t, think about it – she’ll feel it if you’re truly “respectful”!

TRUST Me on this one!

Anyway, the guy I was talking to, I thought he’d be angrier with me than … well, anything!

To use some Indian English above there, hehe.

He was Indian, he’s been supposed to perform a task for me, decidely not fetish related – it’s business, and over the past few months, he’s been uber lax on it, NOT getting back to me, not replying to me, despite me badgering him daily.

I finally let him have it this morning – honestly.

Mike Watson can tolerate many things, but disrespect – never!

Like Madam Sophia said about me having sex with her.


Can I drink with you Ma’am?



But anyway, he wasn’t meaning to be disrespectful, I guess, though I still kinda feel he “ignored” me, but anyway …

Point of me saying it?

He showed me messages from another client “Hema Maa’m”, as he called her, being just as persistent about following up as I was, but NOWHERE near (writing nowhere near) the “letters” I do!

A dude I once knew had the following to say when I sent him a message.

“Jesus Christ, Michael! When I saw THAT message” … he trailed off.

It was an eye wateringly LONG message on wechat, and on that small phone!


I write like that.

I believe in being verbose and explaining myself, but Hema Ma’am – and the lady I just saw – she could have been Hema Ma’am!

Hema Malini, the great Indian actress, those FEET in the blockbuster India movie “Sholay” that Priyanka watched once, I still still remember Maam’s feet in the movie, dancing, on broken glass!

I’m not going to get into the story of the movie, which to be honest was a potboiler – I did not understan much of it, and much like the first night I met Mistress Priyanka, or Jyoti, my mind was NOT on the movie, her legs and feet rather. Hehe.

Thats a true tale, Serving an Indian Goddess, all of mine are1

But I remember Sophia Ma’am, when she wanted to talk to me, being even more impatient, when I didn’t reply, she’d send me angry notes, angry faces, even when I was busy.

“Where are YOU, boy!”

I had to be available for Maam all the time regardless of I COULD OR NOT!

And thats what makes it so sexy, and what reminded me of her!

She is … SO NICE, Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!


I don’t know, I guess thats what I wanted to write to you about!

Id sissygasm right now if Sophia told me anything remotely similar! Hehe.

Now, on a different note, dude probably replied to “Hema” a lot more than me.


I asked my SO if she could talk to him, maybe he’d reply to her…

Nah, nothing doing. I met the dude, apparently things out of his control.

But women, friend, are just so nice, so gorgeous, what can I SAY!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – The term “Hema Ma’am” brings back such memories, such NICE memories!

Maam was our computer science teacher in High School!

And, she was such a QUEEN AND GODDESS, all the guys had wet dreams about her, as for yours truly.

I loved her too. Thought about her feet all the time!

(long and lissome, like her, tall and lissome, sandals almost the same as the Hema Madam Ji I saw TODAY!)

A friend of mine once asked me (again, this is Hindi, so I’m not sure if I’m right!) – “tu jab mut marta hai to TU kya sochta hai, pero ke bare me!”

(when you masturbate, what do YOU think about!) 

He was talking about my reluctance to accept my fetish openly, I Was just 15 – but he was right!

Apparently this was a guy with a LONG dick, so they said.

But anyway, I agreed.

I thought about Ma’am’s feet all the time!

But my favorite Goddess by far, till this date!

Vandana Ma’am, she was so perfect, she was truly SO NICE, so dominating, so commanding, the way she called my name even …


I still remember jerking off into an ink stained cloth, HARD with cum, so much of it, I never washed it after school, thinking of Ma’am’s bare dirty soles, worshipping them, it took me nary a minute to jerk!


Madam, Paye Lagu!


And for more such solid Indian femdom recollections that will have you, the submissive and SALIENT male, not just submissive and salivating, but likely leaking, and cumming like a HORSE too, a stallion at that?

Grab the book on recollections HERE.

You’ll just love it. No excuses, grab this now, you just need to, have to!

And I’m out (again.). Hehe.

Back soon!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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