Indian Femdom

Kangana Madam … and POOJA Madam’s lovely PALMS!

I’ve written about this before!

The outstretched foot… ready to kick!

The RAISED FOREFINGER with that look in the eye!

Down, boy!


And yet another one of these long line of poses .. .Madam’s palms!

Recently, yours truly saw a picture of “Kangana Ranaut” seemingly a Bollywood actress fighting some court issue or the other.

Not sure what it was all about. But Madam was dressed in traditional Indian garb, and the colors set off her tone perfectly, and her PALM WAS RAISED!

And the forearm and palm looked so nice!


And this palm was raised to SLAP … or to show … I know not, but it reminded me of Pooja Madam Ji!

Pooja Memsahib JI, and I’m about to get to Volume #2 now. After I finish all these here emails which I’ve been pounding out, much like Pooja Madam pounds me … to PROMOTE the book.

But really.

I remember writing about a significant other in days “bygone” in India, who once went to a salon where the guys said “Madam, hum apke per makhhan jaise kar denge!”

(They were trying to get her on for a special pedicure or something that would make her feet “like butter”!).

I’ve written extensively about that too!

But, the palms are sometimes ignored too.

And butter soft or not, or hard and calloused or not, a woman’s palms are such a turn on when shown right, and they deserve .. RESPECT!

Because, guess what SLAPS you … its usually the palm, not the foot!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI, all of you!

You are ALL so perfect!


Mik eWatson

PS – Remember to pick up the MOST extreme book on Indian femdom I’ve put out BAR NONE – even more than the immensely popular “serving an Indian Goddess” right HERE.

And I’m just getting started!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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