Indian Femdom

Good boy …. you ARE!

Madam, PLEASE!

Madam, you’re realy, really, so NICE!

So DoMINANT, so gorgeous, so perfect!

As I recently saw an Indian lady take her trash out – my blood ROARED!

All I saw of her?

Her eyes, and her face – covered by a mask. She works in some medical facility, and was taking the trash out – carefully!

I felt so bad.


And though ALL I saw of her, her uniform, she’s SOMEWHAT fat, and face, I saw nothing, feet, just probably black BORING shoes – I’d clean her shoes with my feet, take her sweaty socks off right there, and press her feet, and of course, Ma’am, you should NEVER TAKE THE TRASH OUT!

She’s so NICE!

Madam, PAye lagu!

And I’d go to pressing her shoulders, because guess what, she’s tired, even if she’s not, she so deserves it!


I can almost hear the Indian English – or, the Chinese version of it.

My S.O. says this often, and so have many other girls, and the “backwards English” aside, the TONE!


The tone that says … “OH! He did it!”

ThE SAME VIBE That says “I know………..BOY!” 

The BOY! being most important, always underfoot, underheel!

My current SO is wondering if or not to go to a late night party at a bar.

She’s kinda hesitant.


I think it’s great for her, lots of guys and gals at the bar, some single, and who knows – I can’t lay her like she deserves, she might have LOTS OF FUN there, more than she usually does!

And she deserves it, that foul mood she’s been in might well improve!

I so want to press her FEET NOW!

“What will I wear”, she asked. 

Ma’am, you could wear your SHORT SKIRT showing your ass off to everyone, I’d so LOVE IT!

But anyway …

The tale of one “Joyce, the ULTIMATE QUEEN” – is a tale “in the works” for a while now.

Yours truly, and his (her hehe) history with REAL estate agents, all bitchy and dominating, is well known eh.

Madam Carrie is the best example of this – – THUS FAR.

Madam Joyce though … when you read that tale, you’ll truly understand what it mean to live femdom real life!

In real life, real time!

Picture this …

A bitchy young woman doing ALL She can to avoid doing work I paid for with regard to the house.

I finally lost it, after all, if you pay, you get SOMETHING, eh


More of it!

As her boss Joyce showed up to fix the situation, so calm, so REGAL, the ROLLS of fat around her waist visible in the short blue dress she was wearing, Madam, she is SO NICE!

That calm voice, that DOMINATING nature, as soon as she stepped on my sofa to check the A/C, she tried wiping her feet first.

I just wanted to lick them clean – and NOT have her wipe them  – IMPOSSIBLE!

And picture this …

The young girl, the boss, the landlady who showed up later, all sitting around the table discussing – and me, the tenant, that was PAYING THEM all – I was standing there, HOT AND SWEATY!


After moving all my stuff up and down flights of stairs!

Thats just how it worked out, and Joyce, as she said this –

“You never give young uns a chance!”

… BOY! was left unsaid!

And as contracts were being signed, I just started pressing Mam’s shoulders!

Kneading her back, pummeling with fists as Chinese girls do, along her spine, and they all just sat there, ignoring it, as if it were normal, and thats what I love so much about Chinese ladies, as I’ve said before, the MOST NATURALLY dominating EVER!!!

Madam, Paye lagu!

And as I kneaded, massaged, shoulders, upper arms and back, and even the triceps … my landlady?

She wears cute pink shoes, and often posts on Wechat about them getting soggy, nasty and wet int he rain.

“Madam, your shoes! I need to clean them, you’re my BOSS, my landlady!” 

And the way she laughs at me?

while taking my RENT?


Rent always paid – on time, bang on time, so Ma’am, as a certain Elizabeth (another landlady!) said … “All goes in shopping and shoes!”

Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!

…. I can almost hear Joyce half sneering, half praising me … while reclining in her chair, Juju mocking me.

Good boy … you ARE!


And that tale is still to come, so be on the outlook for it – boy.

Then, Madam Sophia the other day – possibly even more regal. ..

We hadn’t spoken in a while.

“yeaaaaaa….!” she replied. 

And that tone – my WORD, that tone, she’s so NICE!

Yes, BOY … you remembered me!

From the same lady, of course, who replied as follows when I asked her very timidly if she “forgot me”.


She’s so right.

I AM a fool – big time – seeing women, I can’t help but serve and worship them like QUEENS!

Anyway …………

If you want to be a good BOY, then the best thing you can do is to … prove it. 

Mere words dont suffice.

Intentions are good, only when backed up, boy, by actions.

And the best action to do right now?

Either one of the two.

If you’re a guy – get one of your manuals and LEARN (or ladies, you might want ’em too!)

And if you’re a guy – or girl – get – definitely – some of our FICTION (mostly REAL) books!

They make for a great, great present for your S.O., I’ll tell ya that!

And with that said, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson (and PS – I’ll keep you posted on how it goes with the SO and the late night, if it happens, hehe).

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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