Indian Femdom

Ghusana Padega! “Bar Bar Nikal Raha Hai!” OH GOD!

I just .. I dont know, this is another one of those Indian femdom recollections that so turn me on!

Or, perhaps something that is a TRUE story (part of Serving an Indian Goddess – except I never put it in there).

Flashback to the gorgeous Ms Priyanka and me, years ago – ordering a clothesrack, this was during my time in INdia, and quality of products there, well, its not that good sometimes!

And the clothes rack was one of those “fit me in” types – where you fit RODS – shaped differently – kind of like DONGS are, hehe, all luscious and shaped differently – and a real BITCH TO FIT IN!

Now, I did the “muscle work”of all this, but the MAN work?

Ie. the thinking, where to put everything “in ” and so forth?

My lovely S.O. – Ms – she did it!

And it was such a joy to watch her doing the MAN tasks, and me the female ones, holding the screwdriver (pun) – the rods (double pun) – and so forth!

That was a terrible product, hehe.

But the bitching – we both bitched!

“Bar Bar Nikal Raha Hai!”

The rod kept coming out!

Wouldn’t fit!

“Ghusana padega, DAM lagega!” 

“Asli Mard ka Kam hai!” 

That last bit, she didnt say then. Hehe. She meant, it’s a real man’s job, but the first – she DID say – at both times!

“You need to put it in, boy!” 

Life continues to be so prosaic, as I remember my sissy dick NEVER staying hard, let alone GOING in Madam!

I was dry humping Ma’am at one point, and she got SO frustrated with me, no wonder, those big black dicks came into the picture later, Leroy, YOUR Cock, the way it TOOK me the first time, tore me apart!

And that reminds me of two things.

Cucks, if you can’t give it to her – she will GET It – from someplace else, or want!


So she should.

ANd two?

Well, what my SO said about certain holes not being as well drilled in the product as there should be.


“Hole banana padega!” 

We’ll need to make a hole, boy!


Well, I’m happy to report two more things.

My dick NEVER goes into female holes, except mouths, which I love, but the girls never suck my sissy cock!

(not really, hehe, but you get the point!)

But the REAL POINT, I HAVE a hole – a tight one – and I’d give BOTH my sissy holes to Master Wang anyday, even with his girls – or without!

He’s so nice, such a STUD!

and this is the LAST CALL Of action.

To be dominated by him – you know what you have to!

And remember, plenty of rewards for the taking too, my friend.

Take action now.

He’s truly the best maledom EVER!


Mike Watson

PS – He’ll be drilling me a new hole too shortly, but to join in the fun NOW – you know what to do, and how!

But hurry, time runs out today. Master has set me a deadline, lets keep to it!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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