Indian Femdom

The Indian Madam I saw on the back of the motorcycle…

Man, I knew there was a reason I stepped out in the heat of the evening today.

For a long time, I wandered outdoors, albeit NOT aimlessly – I took several videos, some of which will be in the upcoming Sissy Workouts purchase – or the pics, at least, since I’m not done with the pictures as yet.

I sent them a fitness friend of mine too … he’ll use ’em! And so he should …

Then I came home, posted a video that will have y’all SALIVATING – period.

I wont even link it.

You’ll find it if interested, but dwadling there, I KNEW – it hit me – twice.

There was a REASON I was outdoors, as I got on the monkey bars and people looked at me literally STRIDING to the park as opposed to slow rythmic walking before … well, that reason became nigh apparent.

Man, oh man.

And the Indian lady I saw on the back of the motorcycle, fat, so called out of shape, but those FEET!

Reminded of another equally fat lady who was covered from head to toe.

Except, Madam was walking around in sandals, and on the warm winter afternoons, I was doing 500 pushups, and man, I wrote about this before. I still remember almost cumming doing ’em, to those SOLES!

She had a likely cucked, if not in reality – mentally, guy who she fobbed a kid off on too!

And I could feel her looking at me, I just kept looking at those soles.

And out there, in an empty park, MAN!

Truly a reason for and behind everything.

And Indian Goddesses, man.

Those FEET, truly broad, soft and smooth like NO OTHER.

Read about ODES to them here.

And thats that!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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