Indian Femdom

“What do YOU want?”

Sophia Ma’am, you’re so nice!

I woke up this morning thinking about her, for some reason feeling nigh exhilarated ; not sure why!

I’m sure there is a reason, as with all these dreams!

But I woke up thinking about her, how she treated me, how she was rude to me, how she sometimes made/makes my blood boil, but how I still love her so!

IF there is ONE woman that has well and truly sissified me, it is her.

Just like Princess Joanie and Su were numero uno at humiliation and findom – and cuckolding, respectively, Sophia Ma’am is a blend of all these ladies in that regard.

And in terms of being a sissy – she is – BY FAR THE BEST And most dominant!

And most natural at it.

Think about it, our opening “flirting” started, or very quickly with this –

“I’m married! So we can be soulmates, but no sex!”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“How much deposit in your bank account?”


As Pearl once asked me “honey, do lovers do this!”

But Pearl wasn’t married, hehe. And she did it too anyway!

I remember thinking this when Sophia asked me all this, but then I thought, YES, that is what she SHOULD BE ASKING, it feels so NICE!

My current SO asked me that too, but she asked me that “down the line”, or perhaps I told her anyway, I Dont know…

She’s so nice, is Sophia, she knows she will not be my SO, so she skipped past those prelims!

And as I’ve been busy sending Master Wang’s dick to these lovely ladies (you know, despite him being so delightfully commanding to me, his sissy boy – serving him now when he doesn’t have women, hey, he needs blowjobs and house work done! And a tight hole for that lovely dong of his!) … she asked me this.

I was telling her how Master wanted girls, how he’s sending his dick pic out willy nilly (which really, you shouldn’t do, girls want more than dick, boy! Yes, for SEX, if it’s just a dick, thats fine, but a relationship, women want someone with brain, someone that can talk to them) …

But anyway, I wouldn’t dare tell Master how to do it.

I’m trying to teach him though …indirectly!

But anyway, thats not me topping from the bottom, thats me making sure he finds a good woman!

Anyway …

She asked me that.

“What do you want!”

Meaning, OK, he wants girls, but what do I as a “guy” want.  (i.e all guys want girls, and so…)

Great question, Ma’am, and one you already know the answer to.

Brings to mind the time Ma’am was talking about going out, and me?

“Ma’am, can I polish your shoes too? 

Big grin!

“It would be nice if you could do it in public!” 

I responded in the affirmative, with very sissy giggles, several of them!

And she replied with …

“Do you like this feeling”? 

I didnt reply, just giggled like a girl.

“I think you do!” 

Do you too Ma’am, I asked, knowing the answer already.

Pat it came!



So, Sophia, you know what I want!

But just to answer you again – remember the femdom affirmation, she never has to answer anything, but you do?

I should say you also, boy, have to answer the same thing over and over again if she commands, or wants!

Like Carol used to tell me.

“Tell me again!’

OK, Maam, so …

I want …

A woman that can degrade me.

A woman that is naturally dominant, and knows the place of men is beneath her SHOES – the DUST beneath her feet (shoes)!

A woman that will not just use me as a soulmate but be brutally frank about it, always reminding me about it – making me do the housework, give her massages after a full day of work while SHE relaxes, cook her meals SHE likes, ASK her what she wants to eat, and so forth!

A woman that will always talk about her sexy Korean rock stars, and how she wishes she could suck their dicks…

And of course, rape my wallet!

And me, when she chooses to. Hehe. Which is not often.

Strict, commanding, imperious, rarely smiling – except in THOSE rare moments, where the dam bursts and a lovely, beautiful smile appears, almost making her a young girl again …


And that sums her up perfectly, amd I woke up thinking of her this morning, so nice!

Paye lagu, Madam.

THAT is what I want, and have, and have always got!


Mike Watson

PS – To learn how to attract femdom effortlessly to YOU – go here.

PS #2 – Be sure and read the two Garima Madam stories, one “the now” – and the other explaining how she became the dominant force of nature she is NOW – she wasn’t always this way.

Sophia’s story is somewhat similar.

Hell truly hath no fury like a woman SCORNED!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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