Madam ke “Charano Ki Dhool” …

Madam ke “Charano Ki Dhool” …


I’ve spoken often about femdom in India (the subcontinent), have written TOMES on it, and have indeed also spoken about the difference (at least as yours truly understands it, hehe) between the words “per” and “charan”.

The first is simply “foot” In English.

The second is too, but it has a holy connotation in the Hindi language (again, if all the smacks Ms. Priyanka admistered to the BACK OF MY HEAD while yours truly was squatting in a most uncomfortable INDIAN STYLE SQUAT – which most people cannot even begin to get into – and with her soles, of course, pointing straight at me as she RECLINED comfortably!) … and is used for Gods.

And Goddesses!

You’ll often see devotees wash God’s feet (Indian Gods or Goddesses) with water, and then drink it. Idols, of course!

But when it comes to Ms. Priyanka?

She is a GODDESS, and I washed her feet often and drank the water also, soap and all!

Because she deserves it.

And of course, licked her ass every morning … but wait. That is covered in the Sequels! 😉

But anyway, point of me saying this?

Is that if there are TWO ladies, two OLDER ladies and two ladies NOT considered “traditionally beautiful” and in the best of shape, it is these two.

Madam Susan, perfect Madam Susan for Chinese femdom, and femdom in the mainland!

And perfect Madam Pooja Memsahib JI ….! With those lovely brown calves, second only to (or perhaps that is the other way around!) Garima Madam … JI!

The JI is important, boy, and you best not forget it!


And Pooja would often put her dirty feet up, after a day of walking and such, and her SWEATY soles would be staring me in the face!

“Per Daba!” she’d command.

“Press my feet!”

And it wasn’t so much the foot massage itself which was humiliating. It was the WAY in which she said it, and Indian ladies do it SO well with their servants, maids and washerwomen for one!

“Madam Ji, Per Daba du?”

Said in a soft, obseqious tone, and th eTONE, the VIBE, that is what is a turn on!

And I am indeed nothing but the DUST under those lovely maid’s soles as well, hehe, and I’ve written about that before!

Men do it too with male servants, but not quite as “acidly” as these lovely ladies from the subcontinent do.

IN real life, that ssort of thing is NOT good.

But over here, and fetish wise, and if it’s a man groveling in front of a superior WOMAN?

It’s awesome, and it;s how it should be!

Paye Lagu, Pooja Madam JI!

I’m indeed nothing but the DUST under your SOLES!


Mike Watson

PS – I spoke about Garima up there – pick up the TWO books I’ve penned on her right HERE – the Garima Madam Reader.

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