Indian Femdom

“Auntie ji ke charan”…

They’re so nice, Ma’am! Truly are!

Kitne Sundar hai, as they say! 

And, in no particular order… I was going to end this one here. but, then I thought I’d put some more Mike Watson indian femdom quotes out there!

“Ma’am, sir daba dun?” (Ma’am, should I press your head too?)

“Malkin, Paye lagu!” (so self explanatory!)

“Maa’m, yahan bhi!” (ma’am, can I press here too)?

Ji Malkin! (self explanatory!)


“Hukm kijiye, Malkin!”

(your wish is my command, my OWNER!)

And there are so many more!

I dont know, I could write this as affirmations, I probably HAVE in the book.

A must grab!

And, if there are a few sentences that start to signify my entire Indian femdom collection, or recollections – well these are they!

‘Mahim Ma’am, paye lagu!” 

Shes truly so nice!

I gotta end this here …

And before I end, remember.

No better way to spend Christmas UNDER Ma’am’s foot, as you cucks and sissies know!

And the best way to read about it  and experience?

Is here .



Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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