Indian Femdom

“Dafa ho ja!”

Sarika Madam Ji, Paye Lagu, MA’AM!

You’re so nice, so dominating, that nailpolish is so NICE!

The way you want – demand – and GET your OWN sexual pleasure, and are so RUDE – so – NICE!

Reminds me of an Indian Su- or maybe Indian Princess Sophia!

Anyway, the movie I saw last night, the lady – but before we get into that … !

“Dafa ho ja!” 

It’s an incredibly “cultured” yet demeaning way – and definitely a dominating way (in Hindi) of telling the other person to get LOST.

And when you say it like that, the other person KNOWS their place!

Remember the Pakistani lady I once wrote about who was getting her feet pressed by maids?

She never let them forget their place!

The old lady was caustic and demeaning as ever, and as she lifted one foot up, as if to kick the girl kneeling at her feet, the girl recoiled reflexively, as anyone would!

She never did kick, but the words had more of a kick of a mule than the dominant “Malkin’s” i.e. Mistress’s feet ever could physically!

“Dafa ho ja!”

ARROGANT- IMPERIOUS, domineering … so … NICE!

And the lady I saw last night in a movie.

Sarika Ma’am!

Red nailpolish, red clothes … and wanting her own sexual pleasure from a guy less than half her age, or about half, I think – along with other “aunties”.

The guy himself was a college lad, nothing special to look at , but great slim sexy body – those nipples, when Ma’am sucked them I must say – I wanted to suck one of those pert man nipples too to give him pleasure!

Thats something people often get wrong.

Madam Anne for one would often suck me – one nipple at a time – which is great, but you should always tweak the other nipple ALONG with it!

Never let it feel lonely.

Thats how you get MAX pleasure through nipples – one of the tricks I teach you in the pathbreaking course “Nipplegasm Central” which people have been literally raving about and rightly so – the nipples, especially male nipples are an extremely erogenous area of the human body, much ignored…

As for perfect Sarika Ma’am in the movie, she was getting sexual pleasure in the movie all along – and she wasn’t letting the boy forget – for a minute – he was there to service – and please HER – and her friends!

All throughout the movie, I remember staring at Ma’am’s feet, and wanting to press them!

“Madam ji, per daba dun!” 

Ma’am, may i press your feet? 

Ma’am, may I rub your head?

And her pinching my nipples – HARD!

As I told Madam Su in a giggly voice once, Ma’am, of course, you should pinch my nipples daily, I’m your bitch, and …

… well, y’all know that story – well told in Sophia Bai – and Cuckold Compilations!

But anyway this lady, she never let the guy forget his true place.


Even though he was treated as little more than a servant at home – cooking, cleaning, making tea, serving drinks – on a TRAY! – to all the female visitors etc (in the movie he was living with his aunt) – there was none of that with this lady – but sexually, she was the boss, and otherwise!

She’d pimp him out to other ladies, and take a cut.

And when he dared to complain, the bitch mode would come out.

She’d toss money at him and tell him to .. imperiously ..


“Shakal mat dikhana dubara!” 

NEVER show me your face again, BOY!

Throughout the movie she uses the word “Tu”- in Hindi, there are so many ways to say “you”, as Ive said before, some signifying respect, some the exact opposite!

Ma’am is so NICE!

And YES, female sexual pleasure is what counts, boy – and her pleasure in other areas!

She is ALWAYS The boss.

Dont you ever forget it!

Ma’am, paye lagu!

Anyway, where am I leading up to with all this …

Well, just this – Indian girls can be EXTREMELY demanding – and dominating – and can insult you in ways you NEVER thought possible, my friend.

They truly KNOW how to cut a man down to size – big time!

And whether it’s Garima MA’am, Ms Priyanka, any of her friends, or any of the other gorgeous ladies I’ve written about (I’m so lucky and priveleged!) – they’re ALL so uber dominant!

You, the cuck will cream your panties just reading about them, and admittedly my pen does a fine, fine job of describing HOW they do it.

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