Indian Femdom

Naturally lowering my gaze when I talk to her — naturally being key. so NICE!

And, it’s KEY — again — pun intended if we’re talking fetish, if not, maybe not.

But it is KEY.

These thoughts were not just random, but they were so brief I figured I wouldn’t pen them down, but the title, the main message is so inspiring, so … I dont know, I just had to share it!

You femdom lovers and submissives in general will definitely identify.

Fetish wise, this link could probably sum it up, or perhaps the “never show your back to me, boy!” or “look at my feet, not me, BOY!” , or even “look at his penis, not HIM, boy!” … or any of the other sayings that turn us on so.

Or, talk to her soles, not her, boy!

Madam Susan, you did it so well!

And thats part of why I keep staring at my wife’s soles while doing pull-ups, fantasizing about serving her, which I do in reality anyway, cleaning those grimy soles, every time thinking of how to massage the TOES better, how to knuckle the arches better — but for her, it’s toes, every lady’s feet need to be massaged differently, I’ve often said that!

And of course, Malone’s lovely cock keeps coming to mind!

But this piece is beyond that …

When you, in real life, when you’re NOT horny — find yourself looking not even at soles you so love, but just her lovely toes, and BUILDNG rapport with the toes (I’m not a toes guy, never was, yet, now, every time I see my wife’s toes, I want to massage them, between them and so forth) …and when you’re respectful when talking to women in general but interesting and fun too — and when you’re “real” ; when you’re talking, not just a robot, and when you’re doing what she wants you to do, because you too do ..

… that is when you’ll truly start attracting real femdom, or any domination to you, and chances are when you do, you wont be able to STOP. Hehe.

Be careful.

Once you suck cock, you never go back, same thing for femdom!

Those large, big eyes, she is so LOVELY! So ready to SERVE! Muah~!

The two go hand in hand, cock in balls, as it were …

I found myself staring at my wife’s toes, even though I’m NOT horny right now, and then I wrote this…

(as she was yelling at me for something she did wrong. Hehe).

(she’s got the mental part down pat too now!)

Anyway …

The mental conditioning is key, without it you’re nothing regardless of how long your dong is, how beautiful you are, or whatever it is.

Get the mental down pat, you’re everything.

The BOOK which has changed lives everywhere — literally!

Conversation does indeed RULE!

And on that note, I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS — If there’s one thing I can say Medium got right, the abundance of whitespace and the big fonts, unlike WordPress, that really lend themselves to writing. Of course, WordPress with its new blocks has followed suit, but not quite the same!

They didnt (Medium) get it quite right though in terms of the Partner Program, more on that later.

Edit – this piece was orignally posted on Medium. Hehe. Since the dumbasses blocked me for NO valid reason (yet another reason I keep carping on having your OWN business, setup etc where NO-ONE can censor you mostly) – – I’ll post more here. Their loss, hehe.

PS #2 — Ancient kings and Queens did just this in real life i.e. “look at my feet when talking to me!”

Nazre Jhuka!

Dont show me your back when walking out, they used to tell the slaves who’d be wiping their ass, literally…

So, in real life is not as far fetched as you might think! 😉

And thus my REAL life femdom tales, get some NOW!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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