Indian Femdom

The three pairs of Majis I saw out there!

The weathers warning up in Northern India now and we all know what that means anywhere in the world. Could be the US South, could be China – anywhere – women love showing their feet and legs off!

Years ago I was referring to it “not being that cold in China, because – well – the Madams were still wearing shorts”.


“They’re from there, boy “, remarked my SO. Probably right too haha. She always is!

Then the Radio Mirchi incident…

So, feet all around.

We all know lovely dominating Indian maids have a charm of their very own. So do Majis. Often, they are one and the same! X

The first lady I saw in this regard – feet adorned with anklets – slapping on past by, piegon footed, dominant. My! I thought she had green nail polish on – the toes? They weren’t polished at all but I’m not wrong – a hint was there! And those toes looked so clean they could belong to her employer. My. How nice!

She would have made a perfect mother in law i thought.

Foot slapped on my shoulder, maalish kar! Massage, boy! As she stares dirm dominantly.

The second was a lady decked out in red as opposed to green in the first place. Same sort of feet, walk, toes brilliantly painted red – Madam had this coy, demure look about her – but that only means she’s more cunningly dominant!

That gleam in the eyes, the chamiya walk – gave it away!

Third was a lady all covered up. Silent, talk, like the lovely older dhoban I write about.

Truly the MOST dominant of the lot if there is, can be such a thing. One look from her. You’re toast boy and you know it!

I’ve spoken avd written so much about talking to her feet. Recognising her by then alone even from a distance. And this is a perfect example – for those that get it.

A femdom oriented mind – a female dominated LIFE – on auto pilot.

Truly no other way to live x.

And that’s the update for now.



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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