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Miss Mahima, and her footboy . . .

I spoke about the Indian lady and her daughter in an article I recently posted on my site (a blast from the not so long ago past as it were) and today I’ll speak about another girl … a girl that was about 15 I think, and probably over 21 at the time of writing this, and a girl that was also either in high school, or middle school at the time.

Now, domestic servitude for women of ALL ages has been something I’ve written about a LOT, my friend.

And there is no better example than when the lovely, imperious and oh-so sexy and domineering Aa Ling in China forced me to “lick her old mother’s cruddy ass” — by NO means attractive, either from the “foot” standpoint or any other — but it was dominance, pure female dominance at it’s very BEST!

You can pick up the book right HERE, but here’s my point (and no I’m not going to get into the story here because that is why I wrote the BOOK) — — it is never, ever about age, or looks, or even feet, or anything else!

It’s about that look in the eyes, and backed up by that strong, NATURAL dominant vibe that Chinese ladies, and a lot of ladies from the Indian subcontinent seem to have … that combo cannot be beat.

And so we come to Mahima, or Madam Mahima as it were …

She was in the same house I was .. on the first floor if I recall correctly, and she was another one of those sexy young girls that you’d die to worship.

But where was I?

Ah, domestic servitude, isn’t it?

Well, domestic servitude means (and this is actually true in the subcontinent in real life unfortunately) that servants are literally nothing but the DIRT under their Master’s and Mistress’s feet, and they address their kids (as they grow up) with the SAME reverence as they do their parents.

And the age difference makes it all the more sexier.

Think of you at the age of about 40, or more submitting to and GROVELING before a 18 year old, or perhaps 23 year old lady.

True, it’s never about age — but as Madam Alexa and I once discussed, the age difference makes the femdom all the more attractive and SEXY!

As my partner would flick my nipples, feet RIGHT In my face, she’d often taunt me.

“Thinking about Mahima, aren’t you, boy!” she’d ask in the most humiliating manner, looking at me with that GLEAM in the eye when women have when they know their “man” is looking at other girls, or maybe thinking about them … and yet, a dominant GLEAM ..

I’ve always been into ruined orgasms FWIW (just for your knowledge!)

And indeed I was. I was thinking about serving her at a feudal level, with NO sexual anything involved of any nature … just pure SERVING her, as happens in real life in homes all across the country and indeed continent.

“Get me a drink, boy!”

Or, she comes home from school, and I’d take her shoes off, wash her hot, dusty, sweaty feet as she sipped a cool drink.

Then I’d press her head, her shoulders, her feet, whatever she wanted …

Paye Lagu, Memsahib . . . !

Or her mother’s, for that matter, another overbearing and DOMINANT lady … from whom the REAL orders would come …

And that’s that for the trip down memory lane, and Madam Mahima. Wherever she is, I wish her the best of luck — and many servants of course, hehe.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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