Indian Femdom

My S.O, My Perfect GODDESS … My Madam, My MISTRESS, and her perfect THICK arms!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

She just showed up in a “dupatta” and nothing else.

Now, before I tell you what happened, a dupatta is apparently from what I gather a cloth (or sash) of sorts these gorgeous Indian goddesses drape over themselves when wearing the SARI!

A garment that lends itself especially well to femdom for reasons I’ve already stated … boy!

Anyway, the drain overflowed while my SO was doing something at the sink.

And long story short – EWW!

It was a puddle of dirty water shortly thereafter, and of course, Goddess didnt want her perfect feet getting dirty, and clothes neither (although I gotta wash those tomororw anyway!).

And so, she took off her “salwar” right there.

She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

I averted my eyes. CUCK style!

Anyway, long story short – she took a shower. And she arrived in another room where yours truly cucked was sitting … draped in nothing but a “dupatta” – – sort like a “qi pao”, that dress I love SO MUCH on chinese girls!

And those legs were visible, and those thick arms, and that ass!

That THICK ass!

The skin was (is) BROWN and before she went to shower, she tied her sweater around her waist in that style as well.

A white sweater.

Contrasting with that sexy BROWN skin!

And if there is anything I wish she’d have told me?

Press my SHOULDERS … boy!

And kicked me one in the BOLLOCKS – hard!

Paye Lagu, Goddess… JI!

As it was, I made the following comment.

“Madam Ji, you could get a role in Bollywood dressed like that!”

If you can call it dressed! More like skin show in a very sexy manner, especially for us cucks, sissies and faggots (before a real man takes her clothes off! ;)).

Her response?

“Shut up, boy! I’d get a role ANYWAY!”

And thats confidence speaking!

Paye Lagu, Madam ji! You’re so gorgeous!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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