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My wife truly looks so MESMERIZING – in the DEEP COUCH!

I still remember a certain Rod Steiger in a movie I once saw The Specialist – where an old man (Steiger) was sitting in a deep couch, and needed assistance from a younger guy to get up.

“Owwww, these deep couches” , I remember him saying in his CLASSIC accent.  (as the other guy helped him up)

That was a classic movie in many ways, hehe – some good and some not so.

I’ve sat in those couches before – theyre comfortable for sure, but NOT that great for the back. Personally, I’ll squat like a servant all day if I had the choice – for reasons both good – and .. well, excellent!

Which brings me to my wife.

Seated in that sofa, lazy as hell always, always on her phone, ONE fat leg splayed out – and the foot, the sole, ALWAYS TALKING and beckoning!

Often times she is so lazy she wont even point, she just wags her foot in whatever direction she wants me to go, look, or talk!

And, she’ll do the classic “sole talk” – she KNOWS – now, after many years – how much it turns me on as a sub!

That is a variant of the PROFOUND POSE – one of them in the book

It’s almost the same, but the way she does it with ONE foot – one sole – SCRUNCHING THAT LOVELY LONG SOLE!!! – it’s classic!

Ma’am paye lagu! 

It never ever fails to bring me to my KNEES – literally – not that I’m not always there anyway!

Pressing her legs, washing her feet, massaaging those soles for HOURS as the hours pass…

Ma’am, apke charan kitne sunder hai!

She’s Indian, so I’m saying it in her language! (another cardinal rule of femdom – or anything, really, if you want the other person to really reciprocate).

What else can I say.

Her belly – like a beer belly, hanging out – her SOLES – all of it make me SO WEAK! 

And along with Pooja Memsahib, the two keep me very busy!

Paye lagu, MAdam … JI!

I live to kiss your feet, lick the soles, suck your toes … and, well, thank you at EVERY opportunity I get, so many reasons why …

… main reason?

Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – To learn about how CRAVEN I was in my submission to Pooja Memsahib, a book that receives rave reviews almost daily, get the book NOW.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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