Indian Femdom

“Inferiority Complex, my FOOT”

And she had several emoticons with it too – MAdam was angry, frustrated .. yet, not!

She’s so NICE!

???was what she used, which is what many people use when “Actually” frustrated, but they show a “smiley face”.

Now, that aside, I saw Ma’am on a different Twitter account.

The discussion was about some “languages” in India – oh my!

That brings up so many memories.

But, it was about whether “Hindi” should be the national language of the country, I believe – which I think it is? Not sure … I dont know much about these things, except what Madam Priyanka, and later Pooja taught me!

Garima Madam, she wasn t in the least bit interested in any of that. Hehe.

(and sorry – I mean Madam … JI! She always taught me to say JI! So NICE!)

And she THUMPED my balls so badly when I didnt say it, or forgot, Madam, I wont forget again, thank you!

But, yes, I did find that when in India – although almost half of the country has a different language (mother tongue) – – Hindi is supposed to be the “national language”, or one of them in addition to English (which is spoken with an Indian accent in India – big time!).

I Dont know much at all about the debate.

So Iwas reading, but a post popped out!

Apparently someone was complaining that a certain lady from the South – no doubt “darker skinned than the North” (that, i.e. skin color is huge in India too just like in China, in China it’s “youre a peasant if you have dark skin”, in India, something similar ……….. and guess which books sell most on THIS SITE – and where. Hehe.

The Indian femdom books – and Germans are the biggest customers.

The grass truly IS greener on the other side! Hehe. Of course, Germany and India do sort of share history anyway – but more on that later!)

(I was going to point out that even the madman Hitler had a fascination with the Indian “swastika”… Hehe).

But anyway … someone was complaining that this lady had an inferiority complex due to that.

and she responded with the above!

Debates aside, Madam is so NICE!

Her lovely FOOT – and all I could see of her face was a face mask,  but the EYES said it all!



AGGRESSIVE! She’s so nice!

Anyway – this language thing – I’ve written so much about it – serving her while talking to her in her own language is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT Than speaking just English, because languages, especially those in the subcontinent have these subtle nuances, the WAY things are said, even the tone, even the “honorifics” … all of it, its so sexy when applied to domination and femdom! (or maledom, or whatever).

Same thing for China – though not THAT Much. Hehe.

China doesn’t have a lot of these debates over national language etc – Mandarin is spoken everywhere, but all those places have their own dialects too.

Fear of the CCP keeps debates from breaking out, India and the subcontinent, of course, different!

Anyway, Id touch Ma’ams feet if she was there, she said it SO WELL!

And where am I going with all this?

Madam Maggie for one.

“Dont be all talk, boy!”

This was when I was talking about her feet, pressing them all night…!

“Truth is you didnt do!”

Well, I haven’t washed Mam’s dishes as yet, but I will! Hehe.

She’s just so demanding, just so nice, I wrote about her before!



And when I ask.

“hmmm! you have too many questions, boy!”

“no more questions!” 


Thats a cardinal affirmation, SHE doesnt need to answer anything – YOU DO though – everything – BOY!

Women are so nice, especialyl women like this.

I told her I traded in coffee and spices as a side business.

“Send me coffee!” 

For free, of course, Mam, I giggled.


The response was so pat – and she wouldn’t even wait for SF express to deliver it!

“Ma’am, please wait, not everyone is your servant”, I chortled.

Will you be? She replied.

Will I … well!

I already am!

As for Madam Lucy, her of her MANY BOYFRIENDS – well, Madam is sick.

So its a perfect time for her lovely sister!

Madam said “she was quitting her job because she needs bed rest”.

Lots of massage too, I said. Giggling.

“u massage me?” was her response.

“Of course! Since Madam now no sex, so massage you now … for hours, isnt that your sisters role  


But dont worry, Madam, after you’re better, you can have your sexy boyfriends back! With their long lovely DICKS….” 

She just grinned back in response.

She is SO NICE!

They all are!

Paye LAgu, Madam! 

I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – To turn into the sissy “niang pao” of your DREAMS – pick up Sissy Central right NOW, my friend.

PS #2 – I told Lucy “Madam, I should be the one making coffee for you, so you can put your feet up and RELAX, and order!”

She replied with this.

“If you can do me that favor…” 

I was GOBSMACKED – more than with any cum ever in Cuckold Compilations – favor??

Ma’am, it’s MY PLEASURE AND HONOR, you know that, those FEEET, that MIND!


“Madam, you should have three servants, two for both legs and feet, one for shoulders and head!”

“Madam……… your servant should help you find many handsome men, so you can use servant for housework, and money – and other things with the men!”

her reply.


Now thats more like it, what a GODDESS!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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