I just cannot stop thinking about Pooja Memsahib… JI!

I just cannot stop thinking about Pooja Memsahib… JI!

Ever since I saw her a couple of days ago, lazy, fat, bitchy – and YELLING – she’s been on my mind !

I tried to do other things to get her off my mind, but it wouldn’t – didnt – and shouldn’t work. Hehe.

Femdom is never far away from anything I do!

(and, attracting on auto pilot). Anyway, I was thinking of sharing this on Twitter, this is more a brief “ramble” – but maybe itll make sense.

Actually, if you’re a TRUE femdom lover it’ll make perfect sense!

But just the thought of Ma’am, sitting there …. one foot either dangling or SPLAYED out – SOLE showing, Madam’s fat stomach, the ROLLS of fat, and the SWELL OF THOSE LOVELY BREASTS, oh my! – and best of all, completely UNCONCERNED with what the world thinks of her! (which is the BEST PART!) (and the way she LOOKS at me, stares HOLES THROUGH ME!) 

Actually, she IS concerned.

But she’s not. hehe.

She is such a dominating over 50 year old lady, I almost leak in my pants – and almost CAME the other day LOOKING AT HER – specifically  those ANKLES Ive so served!

She is such a Queen, I’d kiss the rolls of fat forever…

And on the rare occasion she touches my nipples – my.

I’m the guy that wrote Nipplegasm Central, but Pooja Memsahib’s touches – and TWEAKS – are like NOTHING even I’ve felt!

She is SO REGAL!

And the best way YOU Can show your support for Pooja is by buying the book devoted to her HERE

Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!

Paye LAgu!


Mike Watson

PS – And yes, you’ll read all about how I served her in the book above!

Here is a brief REVIEW

“I think ‘Pooja Memsahib Ji!’ it is much more than a simple traditional erotic novel where most of the time, the plot focuses only on sex, sex and sex, highlighting the anatomical dimension of eroticism, and this book is much more than that.

Personally, I had never read an erotic novel in which the “inner universe” stood out above other things (I think you get the point, hehe) that is unleashed by male sexual arousal caused by a really beautiful, imperious and above all dominant woman ( hehe) like Pooja. “

And here is another –

For “Serving an Indian Goddess” – the most outstanding and only one of it’s kind book out there on Indian femdom! (though check out the rest too – equally great!) 

Volume 2 – I’m interested in the content as it is an issue that is currently frequented among people, the BDSM world and its branches, emerging everyday new ways to satiate and satisfy everyone’s inner and most intimate desires. Still not to be open and widely shared with anyone as there’s yet taboos and prejudices about this sort of trends and likes.

So delving into contents of this matter is a good way for me to learn, integrate, and spread out a little bit on them. And so is, anyone else who will read……………. 

Sergio Daza Vanero (Spain)

Volume 1 (he sent it in in that order, 2 first!) – My personal thought from what I have went through so far of this first part of the saga is the atonishment I have from the shifting of the dominant, ruthless and indifferent Priyanka that I got to know in the sequel to the yet polite, gentle and caring one that I’m writting down the translation of at this moment. It’s intriguing to find out the character’s development from one point to the other.

And plenty more reviews via the link above.

Golly, I’m glad I didnt Twitter this, this deserves a post of it’s own! Hehe.

That thing about following  INSTINCT . . .

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!