Indian Femdom

3 generations of Madam’s, all so… PERFECT!

The vibe, Ma’am, the vibe!

Thats what does it.

Perfect Madam Becky, and her daughter for instance.

I thought Madam was 30, her daughter 8.

Turned out Madam is far more (which I knew, but never cared). Her daughter is 18!

Her mom is over 60 …

“You only like women that have popped out kids and are over 35, with fat bellies!” I can still remember a former friend sarcastically saying.

A guy who of course hasn’t had half the “success” with the opposite gender, or any that I have ..

It’s never about age, my friend. True femdom, and I’ve said this before is about her mind, period.

And older ladies?

The older, the better!


So nice, so dominating!

And “Grandma”, pressing her feet … oh so nice!

Indian Femdom Recollections mentions the “choti malkin, badi malkin” tale, till date one of the most erotic, and SATISFYING (that being most important, for me and HER) things to ever happen to me!

Serving her Mom, so good at giving instructions, then she kicks me away to her daughter, who doe sthe same!

Or, as I detailed in Serving an INdian Goddess, serving three ladies at once!

Perfect Saloni Ma’am, Paye Lagu, perfect Memsahib JI! Thank YOU for putting your feet up, Ma’am, such an HONOR!

Or, as I had the sheer privilege and pleasure … of …

being Owned by Madam Aa LING!

She’s such a Queen, the former sex worker that took me so expertly in hand, I never had sex with her either and wouldn’t dare ask!

My favorite part of writing that book, a very well received one was licking her mother’s ass — a cruddy, 65 year old at the time ass which had never ever been licked!

And as the old lady moaned, and got used to her role, I felt like … on planet, cloud nine.

Serving women, GETTING them into it, and reminding them always, of their true place in life, is so nice!

“Thank you is permitted!”

came the concise, clear, CRISP reply from perfect Madam Gaby, after I begged her to allow me to thank her publicly for …

… well, posting on Twitter!

Speaking of which I forgot to send heartfelt thanks to Ma’am for her last two posts, I better do it now!

Heartfelt being key.

Paye Lagu, Madam!

You’re so superior, always the very best!


Mike Watson

PS — Pick up the books above. You, the femdom lover will LOVE them and wont be able to get enough!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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