“usko bahut ache se tharak chadi hai!”

“usko bahut ache se tharak chadi hai!”

I still remember those words!

And this morning, as I watched a man – penis not too huge, but not tiny either -the pubes so DENSE, oh so INVITING, I just wanted to bury my face in them and suck his dick, and pubes too – I told him this.

“Sir, spread your legs wide, let me suck it, please your nipples – such a pity for that magnificent COCK and lovely hot CUM to go to waste!”

It literally splashed, SPLOOSHED, and BLASTED against the camera, so HOT – I could feel it against my face,  I could smell the sweat on his balls, I could … smell his cum! ??


And, with my wife – sex NEVER Happens – and when it does, ONLY other men and their penises are on HER – and my mind. Hehe.

One time, I was comparing black dicks with her.

Three men, all long dongs, lovely ones!

I could hardly – pun intended – choose!

But my wife, her lovely sexy eye – had it spot on!

She pointed ONE out – which was REALLY hard, had a life of it’s own. 

Bobbing up and down, SO HORNY, no help needed, like the penis I saw this morning!

“He’s really horny!” she pointed, eyes gleaming, as I kept leaking – licking – her – and both! 

And she’s right.

When a man’s really horny, isnt it sexy how the penis takes on a life of it’s own, weaving and bobbing almost?

And the cock SLIT – oh my!

My, it’s so nice.

So is my wife, the ultimate CUCKOLDRESS ever – along with Madam Su, of course. Hehe.

And for you guys out there, pick up the above linked books, and the ODES to Madam – you’ll literally BE there WITH me watching those dongs dangle, and the femdom HEAT UP! OH MY!


Mike Watson

PS – Penis is sexy by itself, hard – or GETTING hard, and YOU getting it hard, sissy – and my latest book Penis Central is dedicated just to PENIS. Get it NOW.

As Etienne once said…

Cocks are just sexy! 

and they are! Muah!

What a LOVELY PENIS, and the foot beneath – perfect COMBO!

Thats Jigyasa Ma’am – and Sir. And those books are LIFE CHANGING – as readers have said too, so get ’em NOW.

Not to mention, you’ll have the BLAST of your life too. HEhe. Pun intended, not! And yes!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!
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