Indian Femdom

As I make plans to shift….



… From my current apartment, which hasn’t manifested for ages but it is now – see the post on SE about “it all starting with a woman” – I saw her.


The same cute smile, demanor that caused me to hold an umbrella for her in the pouring rain. Months later, almost a year, I still don’t have Madams number!


“Sir ap Mera number le ke kya karoge?”


What will you do with my number.


If only I could tell her to accept what she already knows.


“Kabhi kam hoga to yad karna”.


Let me know if you ever need me!


Chata le ayunga.


Giggle, as I say I’ll bring her an umbrella as I did that day.


I’d press her feet if she called me from China to do it!


And she, this lovely lady – KNOWS it!


And that’s the rather emotional update for now …


Paye lagu, Madam …ji! Your feet make it all so worth it!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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