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Hemlata Ma’am, you’re truly such a Queen and Goddess!

Now, I had written about this before!

And I still remember that first meeting, Madam in her “nightgown” like dress – those lovely big, strong, bare arms and shoulders showing SO NICELY!

Such a perfect Queen, I still remember thinking, wanting to wipe the sweat off her brow, wanting to knead her shoulders, wash her feet…

… Feet?

Well, that day she was in slippers, but we were on opposite sides of the road.

Today, she was on the side I normally stand on, I was on the opposite.

We switched.

Due to reasons NOT related to each other!

Strange, I remember thinking I wanted to talk to her, I’m sure she did too …

But anyway, I was going to write about Ma’am the other day, those lovely slippers of hers, the way they CLACK against her lovely ,bare, BROAD soles which I so want to clean the grime of India’s horrible (from a noise and cleanliness perspective, and general chaos too) – ROADS off!

Those pristine, Goddess like soles – broad, dominating, so NICE!

But I hadn’t seen her toes up close – as yet, and today I saw them – BROAD.


In your face!!

And I SO want to hold them up to her face, wash her feet when she gets home, give her foot massages, foot, leg, shoulders, back and so forth… She is such a Queen, I’d hold her foot next to my face WITH the sandals fresh off the road, I’d be waiting at home to bring her home slippers out as soon as she returned home from outside, I saw an Indian servant doing that once (a child servant, which is terrible, this tendency a lot of Indians have for child labor) … 

… Hemlata. 

A name I’ve never heard before, first time!

There’s a first time in life for everything ,my friend, and maybe I’ll be telling Madam all this soon!

Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.

For now, remember Madam already has a maid. Hehe. Another Queen from what it seems…

But I’m more interested in Madam, that lovely smile, the way she laughs, her demanor, all of it is understated, latent, dominance!

And those lovely beautiful feet shod in sandals, toes begging to be kissed, the more said the better!

Paye Lagu Madam. And thank you – and all of you ladies out there too.

You truly make this worth it. 


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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