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That LOVELY smile my wife gave me on the way to work (as I drove her to work)

This one might come across as somewhat romantic. It might also come across as familiar to a lot of you!

530 AM wake up call, a swimming workout, then I was getting ready to go to work.

And she wanted it. Hehe.

Now, this was BACK in the day when I was actually still having sex with Madam – sometimes – albeit we spoke about other men’s penises even then!

(hence, the “you’re gay, you like other man’s PENIS” comment! ❤?) and she was so right. 

These days, our 1 AM or 2 AM or any trysts run something like this. Hehe.

And my odes to her HERE show you just what (and only) sort of worshipping I do these days as I should – i know my role!

Anyway, I’ve been seeing PENIS all day!

From a lovely curved to the side boner with a BEAUTIFUL succulent cock head (mentioned in Penis Central with pictures) (you really need to know how to pleasure that sort of cock well, its different from regular shaped bananas!) – to a certain other beautiful long thick cock I saw fucking a “wife” – someone called “Ayush” on Twitter.

Seems to be from the middle East, so seems to say Twitter, though the name seems somewhat INdian? I dont know, Ive not mentioned the last name for privacy reasons. I was about to title this one “Ayush T….’s beautiful DONG” … but figured I’d then title it otherwise.

Not sure his wife would like the attention, or if he would, but maybe they would. I suspect they would, but anyway!

I’ll be glad to do up another post on his lovely penis, banana shaped DOWNWARDS – head pointing down!

Another penis type mentioned in Penis Central, one of the more common ones. Hehe.

And as he posts videos of “pre work fucking” (his wife apparently), I was chatting with him.

I’d take his boxers and socks off for him before he had sex – one of the videos was showing that lovely cock pumping in and out. He should be comfortable, those lovely balls FREE! ❤?

Covered in JIZZ, hers!

“Why didnt you let her do it”, I giggled at him (when he said she wanted to do the same thing).

Perhaps he was too horny. And made HER too horny too! Hehe.

And those pre work fucks (according to him she waits for him to get back from work so she can have it again, and I dont blame MAdam, dude’s penis is so SEXY, and he uses it well, which is important, lots of guys have nice dongs, but neither know how to worship them – or USE them) … make ladies so HORNY – yet satisfied!

Sissies, of course know this – imagine a nice sissygasm before work or after – the rest of the day – or night passes by so nicely!

I almost spurted in my pants looking at this guy’s thick penis, and I haven’t even seen it up close as yet. *muah*

But it reminded me, the wife with THAT sparkle in her eye as I teased her on the way to work (As I drove her to work) …

“Well, thats one happy lady!”

“kya bat hai!” (in Hindi, something like “whatsuppppppppp”! (if I’ve got it right)) …

And she was.


And looking at Ayush’s, or some of the other penises I’ve been looking at, I so wish Rachna Ma’am would have some of that NOW.

Maybe she will.

And as for the cuckolds and sissies reading this, a certain “Akash R…” (name withheld for privacy, presumably also from the subcontinent, not entirely sure) …

GET the books linked above. Stop vacillating with “yes Ma’am’s” and nothing meaningful. BUY the books now. BE the change you want in your life! DO what the books say, and ATTRACT it into your life rather than moping around “hoping it will happen” and getting frustrated when it does not … (it wont until you do the thing – RIGHT – important – RIGHT!).

Not to mention, get Cuckold Compilations as well.

Truly, there is a reason erotica is trending, and a DAMN GOOD REASON Mike Watson is trending in most of those # erotica posts too!



Mike Watson

PS – Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – that was anything but! is the latest to be translated into not just Spanish, but French, Italian and German too. Enjoy!

PS #2 – Remember, all those of you with nice long penises, and that offer I made a while ago? Well, I’ve reactivated it NOW. Send over your penis, and if it’s nice enough, automatic 10% discount off your next purchase active IMMEDIATELY! xoxox.

PPS – Lots of you have “abandoned carts” pending. Do get them done by today, and we’ll do up another great gift for all those who “recover” their carts by TODAY.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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