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More on my CRAVEN, BLASE devotion to Pooja Memsahib… JI!

Every time I hear that harsh and strident voice – every time I see those beads of sweat on her forehead, I have to literally CONTROL my hands – and my whole body – from not RUSHING to wipe her sweat with a CLEAN folded handkerchief, and then KISSING her sweat!

And then saying sorry for her sweating!

A long time ago I saw a girl in a Japanese bar “serving” an older man – basically a customer, it was a restaurant-cum-bar, and he was hot after spicy food, so he summoned her over to “fan her”.

Which is strange, but sometimes it’s expected of waitresses in Asia, I’ve always felt sorry for them, cleaning up customers who grind their cigarettes out on the plate after eating no less – making a ROYAL, ungodly mess.

I’ve often thought how the cleaners clean it later, if they ever even do …

I remember a GIGANTIC pile of nasty dishes and trays thrown outside the factory mealroom where the workers and managers too ate … I just wonder who picked it up and washed it all!

Anyway – nasty.

And while she did it for a while, before he waved her away, I’d SO want to do that for Pooja Memsahib … JI! as she sits there, fanning her over the head, to the side, holding the fan the right way (hand fan) so she doesnt sweat!

Massaging her tired BROWN upper back and shoulders (in that restaurant the girls had to “be out of sight” literally – they used to squat down behind the counter when they weren’t serving customers ) …

… Rubbing her arms, massaging her legs if she so chose, and mostly staying out of sight, but in service.


I can still hear the voice ring out SO NICELY!

DEKH kya raha hai! POTI saf kar!

Clean my asshole, boy!  (or rather, wipe my ass, I’m DONE!)

Oh – Madam LEANING Over the bathroom, those aged ass cheeks looking at me, the hole, all of it, so wonderfully submissive and erotic, I’m not even into scat.

As for now?

I had this image of me pushing her push cart along the road, NAKED.

Maybe with a hard on. That would definitely be there. And her striding along behind me, WHIPPING my ass with a bullship, or kicking me as I walked – so rudely, ARROGANTLY, as is her WONT!

And that voice behind me, CRASS, STRIDENT, BRASH AND ARROGANT!

I would do ANYTHING for Pooja Memsahib, I would do ANYTHING to look at those soles, I would do ANYTING – to be dominated – AGAIN – by Pooja MA’am!

I’d give her my whole bank account if she asked!

And thats how craven my devotion to her is – and always will remain.

For more on this, read the Pooja Memsahib … JI! series.

Youll truly not just understand, but EXPERIENCE craven devotion like NONE OTHER through this book – and also all my others!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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