Indian Femdom

“Rangeela Mutdar Mera Ghagra…”

Readers of this list – do tell me if I got the Hindi right!

I spent hours being smacked by Ms Priyanka trying to learn the language, and finally learnt it at a certain level. Hehe. Like my Chinese, elementary, but the basics are there, ready to be built upon if need be.

Not so much Japanese though – but given the Madam I’ve been besotted with over the past couple of days – OH MY! – I need to learn there too.

And Russian too. Hehe. More on that later, but for now?

That line I quoted above is from a hit “item” song in the Bollywood flick “Dirty Politics”.

Now, I’ve said it before, yours truly doesnt really watch Bollywood (which tells you how Priyanka had me HOOKED from the word go – that first night, as I say in Serving an Indian Goddess when she – Jyoti, hehe – invited me over for a MOVIE) . . .

. . . but I watched this one, if just because of the heroine whose from a small village in the same state my lovely WIFE is from.


She’s even made it to the White House (the heroine, not the lovely wife) …

(as a guest of course).

It’s a movie about a sexy Haryanvi Indian woman using her sexy wiles to bring powerful men down – who wronged her in the past, and of course, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

God(dess) that dame is SEXY!

Not just her feet either, the whole body.

“Watch the whole girl, not just the feet, boy!” I still remember my SO yelling at me.

Before she gave up. 😁

She’s right in some ways, and I do watch the entire girl, I FEEL!

Anyway ……… that luscious belly dance of Malika’s isnt really the reason I wrote this, it’s the Japanese Queen and Goddess I’ve been staring at over the past few days who is!

Y’all on the list know who she is!

And last night while eating dinner, and it was DELICIOUS – SCRUMPLICIOUS – all I wanted-

And I told her this.

Madam, my dinner tastes so good, but while eating it, all I can think about it are your SOLES, your foot dirt and toe jam and spit in it!

And more, of course.

Her armpit sweat, her boogers, everything.

She’s such a Queen, makes me so weak, and I’ve simped to her SO much on Twitter, and here too.

And SHE is the real reason I wrote this!

What a Queen and Goddess!

She’s Japanese.

AS much of Goddess as a lot of, or all Chinese women I’ve been fortunate enough to worship.

And to learn about those ladies, to read the tales – go HERE.

And pick up “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” NOW, it truly IS the one book you need in terms of attracting true and real – and LASTING femdom to you! (hell, the book will work to attract no matter what you want into your life, provided you follow the tips and pointers in the book, and learn from the real life examples).

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

PS – I almost forgot!

The title of this post …

Well, translated into English it means – colorful, cum stained “ghagra” (which is some sort of traditional upper body wear Indian girls wear, and I can just imagine Madam Wiping Men’s cum off with that! hehe, like a certain Madam Carol used to do my leftover cum with her skirt and then wear it) . . .


Cuckolds will love it, real men will love it, all of it.

That cum stained “Ghagra” she flashes in YOUR FACE!

And cucks on this, Cuck Central and Cuckold compilations are the two manuals you really must have – they go together.

Get them NOW.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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