Indian Femdom

The ONE FOOT sticking out of a SARI!

I’ve written about this before, of course – the profoundly dominant pose Bhagwati Devi strikes … and a lot of other ladies do!

Truly the best foot foward it is, and there’s something so EROTIC and … WEAKENING about seeing her ONE foot sticking out of that lovely sari my friend!

Last night, or evening, I was going somewhere, and I saw her – a small petite washerwoman in India – wearing a sari, those eyes full of MISCHIEF as usual.

She walks with feet splayed out – – a typical sign of DOMINANCE, and plants each foot down FLAT as she walks – MY!

And she’s dark skinned, and … well, yesterday she was sitting down – one foot – the sole showing under the chair, the other extended out, and a what a lovely dark foot it was!

Like Bhagwati, the soles need a lot of care – muah, but I’d worship them all day.

Your girlfriend will be very happy, I can still hear Bao Bao saying! Hehe.

And as I looked at her strong arms, yet petite and in shape, her BACK – that expanse of dark skin waiting to be WORSHIPPED, massaged, most of all – well, her FEET – not even the soles, that ONE toe painted RED … MY!

I almost dropped down and came right there and then.

I so wish she’d call me GULAM.

Priyanka in Serving an Indian Goddess used to call me “naukar” (and other humiliating terms – Kanta – hehe ) – but never quite directly a “slave” as this word means in Hindi.


I can just hear the lovely petite lady shouting at me, STARING HOLES THROUGH ME, beckoning me – BOY!

That ONE foot out of her sari.

That ONE foot, that ONE look in the eye – it says it all!

And that foot is what I live for, and so should any submissive and femdom enthusiast – a REAL femdom enthusiast.

Well, my friend, as we upload more books to this site, and as I clean up servers etc (cleaning up? hehe) – it struck me that each one of the sentences above could be linked.

Indeed, if you do a search on the site you’ll find I’ve written tomes about each one of the above.

For now though, the only link I’m going to put here is this – 

A work in progress, and yet – you’ll want to get some books from here NOW.

Truly Indian femdom at its very (make you weak) scintillatingly HOT BEST – and on that note, I’ll leave you be!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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