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Pooja Memsahib … JI and her lovely, dirty soles..

Shes one of those ladies I can barely ever stop thinking about, let alone stop talking about.

Of course, thats not any disrespect meant to any other lady, equally gorgeous (like I just told a Japanese pristine perfect Goddess who retweeted another lady, those were lovely feet,but dont hold a candle to HERS! and I told the other lady, hey, I’m so “in simp” with MAdam, and I am, hehe), but some of these older ladies, Pooja Ji, Madam – or Miss, as she prefers Summer – their PINK slippers, and both so dusty, well, what can I say!

With Miss Summer, one of the main regrets I had?

Was never being able to wash her feet, massage them, and of course clean her slippers – or her daughter’s for that matter!

Maybe someday. Hehe.

I suspect Madam knows all about this, though … as she once told me.

“Find a girlfriend and keep her happy!” 

Not in bed.

She meant and said “you should cook for her too!”.


Madam cooked every night, didnt really enjoy it I felt …

But anyway, Pooja Ma’am was sitting outside again, that lovely sole I know so well, the GRIME SO EVIDENT ON IT! – and that sole was staring me in the face again.

Nothing new you’d think?

No, nothing new … but, I’ve been seeing dirty soles all around me!

A movie I just saw – an absolutely awful joke of a Nicholas Cage movie (I wonder how such horrible mish mashes even get made!) – but the girls were gorgeous!

Both Frank Potente and the other girl – especially the other girl, those legs, those soles seemingly always on display for BOTH ladies!

(including a LONG sole shot for Franka too. Hehe).

(perhaps the first short movie review where the “reviewer” talks more about the girls soles than anything else, hehe).

Then, other soles too …

But dirt on soles, cleaning them, nothing new for me.

Ms Priyanka, Madam Krystal, they all made me do it, the dirt tasted SO different – and so nice on each of them!

And thats why I tell you to get not just one, but ALL of my books.

Trust me, EACH is so worth it, so different too!

And with Pooja Memsahib, of course, I know her POO so well  too. Hehe.

All detailed in the book, including the shrine to her poo, her – her lovely fat arms, her sweat, all of it … most of all, that gravely voice RINGING out, that lovely tummy HANGING OUT – what more can I say, except… GET THE BOOKS NOW!

Yes, NOW.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Knowing you can never satisfy Madam, and can only simp, leak, cum in pant.


And if you dont agree, you’re not a real sissy. Hehe. Bottom line, pun intended!

PS #2 – Learn how to worship BOTTOMS right here – and smack BALLS right – right HERE.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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