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Big, lovely BARE upper arms!

Thats another one of those poses, women – and their bare upper arms, and if fatter, better! (Haha. Never about looks, as I keep saying) – that makes me SO WEAK.

I’d put it in Profound Poses. 

Except, it isn’t a profound pose. It’s a normal pose!

Recently, I saw a picture of “Monica Lewinsky” at 47 or something, you know, who famously once blew U.S. then President Clinton.

The article was claiming she didnt have money now or something, but looking at her, I dont know about money, but Madam in a dress, those lovely red lips, and those bare upper arms – oh my!

“My fat legs, and big strong feet”, as Madam Sophia keeps saying. 

But they arouse such PASSION in us betas!

Massaging her upper arms, her shoulders, giving her a head massage … isnt it all so NICE?

Those bare upper arms – I’ve posted so many times on Twitter about it, especially older and more dominating ladies – what do YOU guys think?

As an aside, Madam Megan recently messaged me – I was posting on her moments (the wechat equivalent of the Facebook wall, which Chinese call “friends circle”).

She was thanking me for posting, no less!

I’m not huge on social media except Twitter, and even there, my purpose isn’t to get likes etc.

But Madam Megan, it’s my job to praise you, compliment you – and tell you about the men that keep adding me mysteriously out of nowhere.

Usually all slim, sexy, and Asian.

More on that later, of course!

For now, I’m out.

But that look is so nice!

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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