Indian Femdom

Pooja Auntie with her TUMMY – hanging out SO!

Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!

Right down to those kicks you gave me, so often, and today, after sending you that last email, there she was, standing in front of the gate with her cart!

And of course, pretending not to look at me while I was looking for someone else, and couldn’t find him …

And right after writing that email about DARK skinned Indian ladies!

Pooja Ma’am, despite all her years of labor, is not dark skinned – not really, at least.

Sort of in the middle, not that it would matter as you could tell from the book!

And as I looked back – what I could see other than everything else you guys already know?

That TUMMY – beer belly – hanging out SO!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ma’am, I so want to KISS YOUR TUMMY!

And massage it while you relax!

I keep seeing posts about “men these days just want aunties”.

Well, they’re finally getting it right – I’ve been saying this about older ladies for AGES (somehow I believe they knew before too, hehe – its just NOW they’re getting it right!).

Of course, all of this isn’t helped by my lazy lovely WIFE who is lying there, spreadeagled on the bed as usual in all her lovely glory, REFUSING to do any chores, and I so love that too!

Anyway ……

That tummy!

Men have it, they flaunt their bellies as if it were some sort of badge of honor. Ugh. It isnt!

So, why would a woman not do it !

If men age like fine wine, then why not WOMEN!


And that spirit, my friend – is what Pooja Memsahib …JI! right down to the kicks she’s got (those of a MULE as I told you before, my balls, the underside – still feel it!) – was written in – and is how she is in REAL LIFE!

Get this book NOW.

You will love it!


Mike Watson

PS – And also, dont forget to pick up Ball-Busting 101 while you’re at it, just SUPERB, NO other way to put it!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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