Indian Femdom

Nipplegasms…. for the WIN!

This morning, I woke up – surrounded, seemingly, by a bevy of lovely women, all of them mostly Indian!

All mostly downtrodden ladies, those lovely DARK skinned hands – especially that older sexy maid I write about so often (indeed, as it is most mornings, I couldnt WAIT to write this to you, I barely even completed my meditation before I jumped to this – so it should be, hehe) .. her lovely FOREARMS, those dark wrists, that ONE bangle on her wrist GLEAMING WICKEDLY as she does, as she GRIPS the broom handle, those eyes, the dark skinned back, the swell of her breasts, her lips, cool hands – oh – MY!

I’ve written a lot, rightfully so about female feet and soles, and even male soles, but female HANDS – my friend, and palms – and fingers – and the delight those WREAK – a world unto itself altogether!

Nandini Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

I so want to wash her feet, hear that strident voice call out (as I remember Pooja Memsahib, another one with STRONG forearms!) for more MONEY – that WICKED gleam to her eyes as she unwraps her new phone – she KNOWS! OH MY!

Or, her equally knowing fat mother. Damn, my hands SHAKE as I type this!

They are all so KNOWING, that raised forefinger in the “Profound Poses” pose, TEACHING me as I kneel in front of them!


Anyway, this morning, none of those ladies – including one I see in the park, was even touching my dick.

That lady is a maid, tired young lady wearing worn red shoes, from a distance, I always prostrate myself in front of Ma’am’s tired and dirty soles even when doing pull-ups, even when working out, I ALWAYS make sure to pay obeisance to her shoes, socks and SOLES (I typed shocks – as they sometimes say in India! Hehe).

She eats there.

I so wish I could take her shoes off, RUB those soles before washing them – before! – that first rub out of the shoes, then she could simply slam her foot on my shoulder, and enjoy the sun, Ma’am so deserves it, along with her other friends – maids – sitting there.

Her soles are shaped uniquely, the toes “ye wide” apart – different from most I’ve seen before, as Carol once said, you have a good eye for the girl. Muah! 😘

Anyway, all of their hands were massaging me. Sometimes their SOLES would be on my face, or in front – sometimes they’d be sneering while pinching and pulling my nipples, sometimes giggling and flicking, mocking … all of it!


Those cool Indian female hands, indeed, all female hands!

And the palms as I’d cum -copiously – making a mess like NO OTHER – literally “penis vomit” – and the way they’d stare at my cum. EWWWW!

I detail that with Madam Venus, in Sin City Diaries, in all of it, so erotic!

They weren’t touching my dick, it was fingers – and nipples!

Indeed, my friend – as I write about all this, I have to tell you one thing – nipples are the MOST ignored part on a man – sadly.

Most men claim “its gay”.


They just haven’t experienced the sheer carnal BLISS you can get from nipples done right.

Second to absolutely none – including having your dick sucked – and just in case you think it’s just for men – no – ladies too!

In my pathbreaking course Nipplegasm Central, my friend, I teach you 17 different ways to achieve pure bliss through nipples alone – nothing else. And my course goes WAY beyond the simple flicks, teases, tongue flicks and whatever you might be used to – these are never seen before techniques I’ve honed over the years, and am bringing to you now. NOTHING like being in bed on a cold winter morning, swathed in blankets, too cold and dark to get out of them – post Xmas dinner – full belly – and a massive load erupting as those NIPPLES are played with RIGHT – while you do nothing and relax and enjoy!

Trust me, you’ll want to focus on female forearms, palms and such a LOT more (even fingers) once you get this course!

They are the ones that wreak the havoc and magic, and their LIPS TOO!

Oh, those tongue kisses, Aa Chie!

But anyway – on a closing note, before you rush to buy the book

I’ll never forget getting my first foot massage in China from “Liao” – mentioned in Sin City Diaries.

I loved it, first hour “just massage”, although Kevin, my translator, had asked them for special service for me, they said “they weren’t sure if they could provide it” – but they sure provided the right girl, and they sure provided all sorts of special services, obviously just wouldn’t admit it upfront!

And as she touched my stomach massaging it in the second hours, words weren’t needed, as her hands went up SO NATURALLY – I repeat, this is key – SO NATURALLY to my nipples- and flicked them, just once!


It was like a FIRE swept through me instantly, a VOLCANO – nay, a TSUNAMI OF LUST SWEEPING, ROARING over me, just KNOCKING ME OFF MY FEET – my base – I WAS OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!! – SO OUT OF CONTROL, that one FLICK, I remember it 20 years later NOW! – Chinese girls do it SO naturally – and I was never the same “man” again after that day – literally!

Literally, the way Liao casually in those two seconds flicked my nipples CHANGED my entire world – for the better.

MY!!!!!!!! RAGING LUST like I never felt before, and a hard boner like NEVER before, without even feet and cock in front of me – or on mind!

Before that, my ex was the only one who played with my nipples, when I told her about this girl, she sage(ssly) said “that girl really likes you!”.

I told her how we spoke different languages – couldn’t even communicate!

But it doesnt matter, she said, words aren’t required at the best of times – as I say – and she is- was right!


This book goes way beyond even the “hot and cold” techniques I detail in Sin City Diaries, my friend.

And BOTH men and women should have this course – for women, maybe along with your trusty vibrator that I might yet do a review for someday. Hehe.

And that, friend, is that.

Truly, you’ll want Nipplegasm Central in your bookcase – or Kindle – or whatever (remember, we sell Kindle versions too, not just pdf) – NOW!

Get it – write back with the review, and we’ll not only share that review and your experiences with the world – but you’ll also get a 10% discount off your next purchase, and plenty of other goodies to “boot” – no pun intended, or maybe it is.



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