Indian Femdom

Dark skinned Indian ladies flicking, pinching my NIPPLES, those strong dark forearms..

Indian ladies have their own charm, right down to that lovely accent of theirs (well, those from the subcontinent!).

Perhaps Pakistani ladies too, but Indian ladies, a lot of them have such DARK skin (which apparently like in China is looked down upon) -its the “workers and peasants” that have dark skin, therefore … the “bourgeois” doesnt, so goes the theory at least in both nations…

Modern day age, era? Nothing’s changed. Hehe.

Anyway, as I look at my significant other sprawled on the bed as usual ,dishes piled up as usual (hehe, I love lazy women, because that gives this sissy MORE to do!) … FEET – and soles in full view, those LONG feet of hers…

I so want to massage them, but I wont.


Instead this is about a lady she employs as a maid when she is in the subcontinent – a laborer, a dark skinned lady, a lady who despite her years is in good shape (she’s probably around 50 or above).

Slim, strong waist – strong arms – and intelligent, knowing eyes is what I noticed the first time I saw her.

I’ve written about her SO MANY TIMES!

And over the past few days ,all I’ve been wanting, as I see the swell of her breasts every time she cleans, is to “touch” those!

For her lovely DARK forearms to massage my shoulders, feeling her body against mine, and then … her fingers on my chest and NIPPLES!

Those BLISS FILLED orgasms only possible with NIPPLEGASMS!

I’ve no idea if she knows how to do it, or has ever done it to a man – I suspect not. But I also suspect she “knows” …!

Those dark forearms of hers, strong from a lifetime of labor, those wisps of grey hair, all of it so SEXY, those toned waist, those lovely BREASTS …

More Indian Femdom Recollections on the way?

Maybe – but she’s an older version of “Manju” mentioned in that book!

Exact same, except Manju Ma’am loved her hair open …

Anyway, where am I going with this?

I dont know, except what I said before about it being so much MORE fun to worship downtrodden ladies – maids in India, sex workers in China.

They deserve it so much more!

And that Indian ladies just have their own CHARM – which you guys know – knew – already!

And that I’ve been in lust, SO IN LUST over the past few days, but thats nothing new is it.


And I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

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PS #2 – Those slim, STRONG, COOL dark fingers, or any fingers on nipples … MY

It brings you bliss like NOTHING else.

Trust me, the orgasms you get from nipplegams are like NOTHING you’ve felt before – EARTH SHATTERING!

And you should get the book – or “how to” on it – NOW.

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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