Indian Femdom

Romancing … Madam’s soles!

I’ve written so much about this before – specifically – talking to her soles! 

And, this afternoon while working out at the park – the Indian ladies that work there passed by.

Tired, irritated, bellies poking OUT.

Feet dusty, caked with dirt, dirty, anklets on – worn slippers – MY!

Madam Paye Lagu!

I almost SAID it to her.

but I intoned as she walked past by, and the look she gave me – well, it showed she FELT it.


In India, they have a way of talking “down” and up” to inferiors and superiors – I’ve mentioned this before, it’s in the language – and those ladies, well, they never talk “down directly” to me – but their glances say it ALL!

Sissy boy, they giggle internally. WEAK!


Strong externally weak internally – pun? Yin and yang!

Anyway – you can only be strong internally when you’re “weak” enough to recognise the sheer joy and pleasure of serving – preferably the so called weaker gender.

Most guys never will, they will never unlock the CORNCUCOPIA of pleasure and joy that lies within this!


The lovely maid I see everyone in PINK shoes -worn – showed up. I was so hoping she’d take her shoes off as usual as I did pull-ups at a distance, like I do everyday.

“Madam, please let me remove your shoes!” I begged her internally before she finally did so – and her socks too, and then the soles after a WHILE were on full display, unlike normally when they’re out instantly!

“Ma’am, thank you SO much!”

And she crossed those long narrow soles- my, and they were beckoning me from a distance, happy to see and feel my adultation for them!

I wish I could have put her socks on for her as she left, I wish I Could have kissed the older ladies’s slippers sitting by her, I wish I could have carried their bags, I wish I could have just served them all while they relaxed out in the winter sun.

They so deserve it!

And thats the tale.

Romancing her soles, speaking to her toes, the bottom of her feet, and so forth …

NO better way to live life, boy!

And I’m out – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Indian femdom recollections here – brutally hard hitting, true femdom lovers will want this on their bookshelf NOW.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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