Indian Femdom

The first time Pooja Memsahib … JI! smiled at me!

I was walking outside thinking of this and that, the lunacy going on everywhere – including in most people’s HOMES (if you can spot it. Hehe).

And I was a tad annoyed, but I never let myself get annoyed really – if I do, I think of Ma’am’s SOLES (not necessarily just Pooja’s) …

And on the way, Pooja Ma’am – I saw her!

I almost bumped into her …

And she – gasp – did this.


For those that haven’t seen her smile – her RADIANT smile – it’s almost youthful – real and lasting femdom will DO that to you, ladies!

But with me it’s mostly a slap – yell – kick – and other forms of femdom, or so it is most of the time.

Sometimes, she’ll let the veneer drop.

Or maybe the Universe asked her to let it drop this time …

That bindi on her forehead, those lovely red lips of her painted -or overpainted …

And the lady herself, all draped up from the cold – even FEET!

And that smile, it almost made her look years younger – definitely flirtatious.

And that, my friend is that – if there ever was a sign from the heavens that truly uplifted my spirits and my mood on a dull (and really busy) day otherwise – it is that!

Thank you, Pooja Ma’am.

You’re so nice!

And if there ever was a sign from the Universe that told us to keep going, we’re on the right track, along with all the lovely purring cats I keep seeing everywhere (so lovely, female, even the male ones in a way!) … to informe me, not that I needed much informing, that Volume Two of 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations – that will attract TRUE AND LASTING femdom to you like moths to a flame is a book I need to keep working on – and put out very soon, perhaps within the next few days it was that.

I feel so refreshed, like someone splashed cold water on my face!

I’m out. Back soon – oh ,if you want to place the pre-order for the book, contact me. Since this book will be out so very soon, I did not go through the trouble of actually creating a pre-order for it, but let me know if you want in, and I’ll do the needful.


Mike Watson

PS – Of course, Madam asked me if I wanted vegetables first, nothing if not smart is she. So it should be!

But that smile came later.

And it was SO genuine, as you might imagine it to be, I almost done fell in love!

Best NOT let a certain Rachna Ma’am know … or that strong leg will come down STRAIGHT ON MY BALLS!

As in Ballbusting 101!

Thank you again – Pooja Maam. You give me the strength to continue, the FAITH, you always – HAVE! Paye lagu!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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