Indian Femdom

Why I so love Madam Ji’s … JOOTIS!

“Hat re nigode, neem ke pakore, peecha kyun kare mere dya baye… tujhko sudharo, jooti mein utaroo… sar pe mein maru tere tere dhaye dhaye.. 

chai me duba biscuit ho gaya…………” 

so goes a popular Bollywood tune, one I often listen to while pressing Jyoti Ma’am’s legs!

She loves that song, I think it’s from a popular Bollywood movie, I wouldn’t know, my gaze is fixated on Ma’am’s legs, I focus on my task – serving her – she enjoys like the Indian Goddess she is, was, always will be!

Translation goes something like “MOVE, you fool, stop pursuing me, I’ll take my shoes off, and pound you with them!”

Not literal translation that, figurative, but thats the gist, pound you until you run away – like a soggy limp dick noodle! Hehe.

Anyway – that aside?

Shoes, feet, all big in Indian culture, all used for humiliation so well as you guys and Watson faithful readers know.

And as I am fixing to head out for a workout, no doubt watching many jootis on the way – why just jootis?

Like Shikha Ma’am told me years ago – CHAL! Joota saf kar!

Clean my SHOES, boy!

And that was SO NICE! Age of 14 no less, both of us, but anyway (and her friend too, who copied from me on exam even tho I did NOT want it, she got benefit anyway – true femdom! Hehe, from a young age at that) …

… .Jootis, as I’ve written about before are traditional Indian shoes, soft, cloth shoes that go SO WELL with salwars, which I love SO!

And they’re cloth, and they just look different, so exotic, they’re comfortable for Madams feet, they get SO SWEATY AND DIRTY AND SMELLY in summer, more than shoes or heels – and perhaps with all the colors, and the lovely feet in them – thats why I love ’em so!

And if Maam garlanded me with a garland of jootis?

threw them at me ?

Well, it wouldn’t be disrespect for me, it would be the greatest honor.

I’m out. I’ll also be sure to pass on MORE submissive vibes to every lady I see around me, like I do daily!

Back soon.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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