Indian Femdom

The South Indian nurse That applied that cool green gel to my nipples..

I don’t know if this is a 2009 memory – upon thinking about it, I believe 2010.

I can’t quite remember. But I know I was about to head to the Middle East, and they needed some medical tests done, getting some sort of ECG or something – you know, where they put gel on your nipples, hook you up to some machine that checks something – all very non fetish related, although it sounds that way! Hehe – and then produce a report of some nature…

Remember, it was all business, no fetish involved. But as she applied that cool gel to my nipples, twirling around the BUDS – EXACTLY as you would do sexually – our eyes met, and the involuntary, albeit slight gasp of pleasure I emitted was noticed, albeit subconsciously I believe!


Our eyes met. She was dark skinned and cool, much like the lovely older Indian maid I’ve so written tomes to – rightfully so – those cool lovely dark fingers… feminine yet so workmanlike if that makes sense. So sexy!

I dont remember her face that well, but in that FLEETING half a second or so our eyes met – I saw a flicker of momentary, involuntary understanding – SHE KNEW!

Then the moment passed, but I know I saw a glimmer of a smile on those lips!

I still remember the way the gel was applied, the cool feeling – that NANOSECOND touch being enough to drive me into lust I hadn’t felt in ages – much like what I mention in Sin City Diaries, when Liao flicked my nipples, and that half  a second was … ENOUGH!


And you can take it so much further, my friend.

Remember the girl in Volume Two of that same book, the irritated look, the way she said “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” – when I kept pulling my fingers to her nipples, yet wanted her soles on my face?

She was used to the nipples – Chinese girls, as I’ve said, their fingers seem to be naturally suited to not just pointing and dominating, but doing so through the nipples.

Rightfully so.

Control his nipples, control HIM is a maxim I live by – and it’s very true!

Trust me on this, done right, nipples can bring every man or even woman to their knees, BEGGING in utter lust to do whatever the Dom(ina) says!

TRUST me on this.

Lots of men call this sort of thing gay, and they’re fools for doing so, much like the term “gay” is applied wrongly in most cases, and in any case, labels SUCK. Far better to suck nipples!

Anyway … where am I going with all this ?

Simply this – nipples make an appearance in ALL my writing, I dont care if it’s the book on missed femdom recollections, my femdom novels – or manuals – they’re there in ALL of them – for a damn good reason.

And, my friend, you owe it to yourself to get Nipplegasm Central now – the one book in which I’ve compiled a lot of my nipple related knowledge for YOU – and I’m just gettng started there, by the way! – and make it the nigh perfect ending to the week.

Trust me, you’ll never go back once you realize the sheer PLEASURE nipples can bring you …

Get this course NOW.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – Much like Sissygasm Central – nipples can be used to SERVE – not just dominate. Trust me, when you’re sucking a man’s dick, that big massive hairy MANLY belly poking out – my! So soft, manly, NICE! BEAR! – and your fingers are on his nipples as he moans, THRUSTS in your mouth with LUST – like NEVER BEFORE – you – and him – will know what I’m talking about!

Even if you’re not into fetish, this course is a must grab for sexual purposes alone. Get it NOW.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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