Indian Femdom

That night, when Jyoti Maam summoned me…

So haughty, so regal!

’Twas 2 Am in the morning, I believe, was fast asleep. Those were the days when we had landlines and answering machines, but certainly no “on silent” smartphones, and as the phone trilled, and I lay there, half asleep, my answering machine took over!

Sleepily I wondered who it could be, then I heard the message clearly.

It was Jyoti — or Priyanka — depending on how you look at it!

Madam sent me the following message in a gay, half drunk manner (though she was pretty sober at the same time).

“I’m back, Mike!” (I didnt even know she was out!!)

“I was out clubbing, and I was dancing with a lot of men!” came the giggly message, followed by a stern note about “are you sleeping!” (of course, I was , it was more than 2 Am in the morning, but she is my Madam!).

“Come on over!”

She didnt say “boy”, but abruptly hung up.

Though I was exhausted, and the last thing I felt like making the long trek from the dorms to her place, I threw on my clothes, full of “excitement” — or submissive mindset, I should say.

If Madam calls, I better go, despite it being late at night or early in the morning, even if she doesn’t explicitly command me to “come”!

When I reached there, I knocked gently.

In a strident baritone she summoned me in.

“Aa Ja!”

Come in, boy!

Malik, Paye Lagu!

There were no niceties, nothing you might imagine even for a “slave” woken up so rudely in the wee hours of the morning, more importantly, me? I didnt even expect any, such was the web Madam had woven over me (and this was before she took full control of me as described in Serving an Indian Goddess).

Before I “lived” with her.

I walked in, there was no light, except from the bedroom, no noise, when I walked in, I felt WEAK at the sight I saw!

Jyoti Ma’am was lying there, legs spread arrogantly like a man, comfortably taking up the entire single bed, her SOLES were staring at me, dirty — and those lovely toes, painted such a bright shade of red, and of course those lovely pink flip flops I mention so often in the book!

Most of all, although all this drove me NUTS with lust (pun intended!) — it was the way she was STARING — a hole through me — looking — arrogantly, entitled, without a WORD said, KNOWING look that bored through me, and my own nervous “shaking” look … that really did it, and could be the entire tale unto itself.

What a Goddess!

I perched myself almost without thinking, hesitatingly at the very edge of the bed, she wouldn’t even move her feet one inch.

Suddenly, she lifted one leg up, and plonked it down -HARD on my lap, barely missing my balls!

My cock was well and truly hit though. Hehe.


Then she regaled me with tales of dancing with men, all the while in a semi sneering tone, but not completely rude, which made it all the more attractive, while me? Of course, pressing her legs and feet on auto pilot, my subsmissiveness growing with each taunt, each look, each lovely tone of the voice she employed, most of all, the look, which never went away!

Finally, she was tired.

And she pointed to the light, grinning.

I turned it off, and then turned around to find her on her stomach, sleeping.

Instinctively, I pressed her left calf for an hour until the other leg was stretched out, then I massaged that.

It was around 5 AM, I was exhausted x 10, by the time the morning sun was peeking through the clouds, I finally lopped off too — with my head on her lovely flip flops.

Much like a certain Anne (to come years later) Madam slept till 12 …

That, my friend, was something I’ve never put in Serving an Indian Goddess. It should have been there at the beginning!

But it’s here now.

What a Goddess you were — are — Jyoti — Ma’am!

She’s over 40 now, with three kids, I’d still kiss those arms and feet as if it were day one …

That LOOK in the eyes, that sneer, it’s all very much there!

Paye Lagu, Madam ji.

You’ve no idea what an inspiration you are!


Mike Watson

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