Indian Femdom

Pressing her soles as she’s out there, sunning herself – with her boyfriend !

Or male partner, cucked or not!

If it’s a dominant male, both those soles showing – so much better!

That’s the sort of dominating Bhagwati and I do. Precisely why it’s so popular, hehe. (See the Bhagwati Devi Sex Files on the other site).

Out there in the sun I was ostensibly looking for an excuse to film pushups. The real reason was to get to close to an Indian ladys soles as she sat out there with another guy!

What beautiful long soles, fair, the middle toe longest, as she giggled and moved her feet away but then got comfortable anyway with me being there. I’m not a threat x. She can feel it!

So can the older maid out in the sun..

It just adds a different dynamic doesnt it?

Massaging her or his feet while others are there, fully aware of your slave status… And being dominated that way, like Madam Su did so well.

But the servant Master interpersonal dynamics in India lend themselves even better to this!

A lot more written on this already.

For now, i just looked around surreptitiously to flick my nipples since no one was there around.

Like Madam sadie said so dominantly, masturbating or edging to her is one of the greatest tributes a man can offer a woman.

Especially an INDIAN woman!

And that’s that.

I so want to press her feet!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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