Indian Femdom

Nandini Malkin, Paye Lagu, Memsahib… JI!

Malkin, Madam tutored me.

Malkin ..!

She was so shy she said it, then recalled the message. But this girl, this lady, I’ll always remember her!

Those familiar with the story know that last year I was hunting for a credit card, one thing led to the other, subconsciously – this “agent” in India who from the get go was interested in me – my pictures, and was very insistent about them as well – but NOT getting me a credit card “you are foreigner, so you are not eligible” (madam said this without even looking at residency docs etc) …

From the get go, it was clear she wanted a PAYPIG.

And she found one, for sure, and she wont – till this date – show me her soles without a lot of begging!

A 19 year old Indian Queen she is, 20 this year – and her mother – oh my!

I just saw an Amazon reminder of her lovely mother’s picture – fat – OLDER – always decked up, full lipstick, nailpolish etc!

“Bahut Maregi” Nandini once told me mockingly when I begged her to introduce me (actually, I HAVE spoken to her. Hehe) (long story there, but Nandini Memsahib gave me her mom’s number, and claimed it was her own. The games, hehe … smart girl!!)

(she will beat us a lot!)

But ever since I’ve seen this mother daughter duo?

It’s been unlike any other I’ve ever seen before – Mahima Madam and her mom …

Or perhaps THAT Indian lady and her 16 year old daughter …

I’ve been thinking about our new odes page.

And maybe the odes will be to “Mother daughter” combos – of which I have so many to share!

Truly, being dominated with women from BOTH – or three generations – together – a turn on like on other!

As I look at Nandini’s mothers lips, I just feel her spitting on me.

As I think of Nandini every night I struggle not to cum the way she IGNORES me – then out of the blue wants … MONEY!

“send me 1000 on my paytm!” 

TRUE FEMDOM coupled with FINDOM – they both go together (Submissive Musings in Mainland China for more!) – there’s NO OTHER WAY – done so RIGHT!

She has NO idea, or maybe it does, how much her words affect me!

They do affect – words. Hehe.

And the LUST into which she drives me, her mom, all these lovely Indian ladies and their even more caustically dominant daughters?


Ma ji, Paye lagu!

You’re so NICE!

Ji, Choti Memsahib.

Thank you so much!

Paye Lagu, Badi Memsahib – you’re SO NICE, thank you again, so much!

And I’d drop down and kiss Nandini’s mother’s feet right now if she was here, each toe 10 times, maybe more.



Mike Watson

PS – Write back with more ideas on the sort of products you’d like to see me put out, and will do! We’ll be on Audible soon too, by the way.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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